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Interview with Camp BizSmart Alumni Who Formed JewelRead on Piggybackr.com

We are always pleased when Camp BizSmart alums receive attention for their hard work, persistence and passion.  Recently, following the Camp BizSmart contest that was run on Piggybackr.com, reporter Khalida Sarwari, who writes for the Saratoga News and San Jose Mercury News, interviewed the Camp BizSmart alumni who created JewelRead.  To read the full article from the Saratoga paper click on this link:  Saratoga: JewelRead’s goal: For all kids to enjoy books. As the late Paul Harvey liked to say in his radio broadcasts, there is always more to a story than what was initially shared.  He would then proceed to tell ” the rest of the story”  adding context […]

Camp BizSmart and Silicon Valley – a match made in heaven

“There is a reason why all of these innovators go to the San Jose metro area or to San Francisco” says UC Berkeley economics professor Enrico Moretti, “and that’s because they are already innovating there.” This is just an excerpt from a recent article written by Mike Cassidy of the San Jose Mercury News, I encourage you to read the entire article. Bill Reichert, Garage Technology Ventures, at Camp BizSmart The year Camp BizSmart launched, 2008, Mike Cassidy wrote a story about our business and entrepreneur camp. He was delighted to find that young people 11-15, especially in Silicon Valley, would jump at the chance to spend 10 days of […]