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mOasis Teams Sprell and Geo Gel take 1st & 2nd place at Camp BizSmart’s 3rd Summer Session

At the third session of Camp BizSmart 2013 operated in the Alumni Center Fisher Conference Center at Stanford University, the mOasis student teams took first and second place in the business plan and product design challenge competition.  The competition for this session was held at Microsoft in Silicon Valley on August 8, 2013, and the competition judges awarded the mOasis student team, Sprell 1st place  followed by the mOasis student team, Geo Gel as the second place winner. Sprell members are: Shiv-Louis van deVen, CEO, Steve Jiang, CTO & CFO, Shivanee Arun, CMO, Ian Tseng, CSO, Jonathan Vazquez, CIO and Nisha Khater, VOC.  This team inspired by mOasis, the company […]

What makes a successful entrepreneur?

“What makes a successful entrepreneur?” I was asked, and “how does Camp BizSmart encourage and develop an entrepreneurial mindset, in the young people who participate in our business and entrepreneurship academy?” The Wall Street Journal report, The Entrepreneur’s DNA, highlights excerpts of Hal Gregersen’s (Professor of innovation and leadership, Insead graduate business school) discussion on this topic at the Unleashing Innovation conference. I am going to pull out a couple of statements from the article and use them to make a point but I encourage you to read the entire report. What researchers say: One-third of our creative capacity is DNA – the other two-thirds is the world we grow […]

Last but not least… SCU winners!

We held our final Camp BizSmart session at Santa Clara University, sponsored by the Leavey School of Business and the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship where six teams competed for first place. 4 NeuroSky teams and 2 Zero Motorcycles teams brought their best performances to Microsoft Corporation on August 11. Our panel of judges included: Maigread Eichten, Bill Reichert, Harry Motro and Rick Reis. The judges again decided to award a second place prize for “Most Innovative Design and Go to Market Idea”. NeuroSky 3 takes the award for their design of “Soccertes”! Team members are: Kaili Sun (CEO), Ketan Kapre (CIO), Ryan Decker (CTO), Vineet Tummala (CMO), Elisabeth Siegel […]

Tweenpreneurs inspired to create energy and fitness solutions

Tweenpreneurs attending the Santa Clara University session of Camp BizSmart took on two of the big problems of the day – companies ability to track and reduce their resource useage and childhood obesity. One of these ways is helping sort the top-rated cannabidiol oils for use in weight loss, and providing locations where individuals can buy cannabidiol oil close to them. The 4 companies providing business problems in these areas were: Tigo and Hara – energy efficiency solutions and HopeLab and Club One Fitness – health and fitness solutions. New company, iBuild2, provided a mini-design challenge that allowed students to exercise their creativity and design to come up with potential […]

Mom was right – “If you want to do great things, hang out with great people!”

You know how people always say that if you want to be a great tennis player, play with people better than you? So you want to be a great entrepreneur? Well, the same thing applies – if you want to be a great critical thinker, problem solver and innovator – hang out with great thinkers who have demonstrated success solving real problems! Do great role models matter? We believe they do, and that’s why the entrepreneurs who come to share their wisdom and experiences with students at Camp BizSmart are selected with great care. These entrepreneurs have created successful companies, with real value and are also great people who are […]

Camp BizSmart FRS Team # 1 Presents to CEO

On Tuesday October 20th, FRS Team # 1 led by team CEO, Sarina Vij wowed the FRS executive team at their Redwood City headquarters. FRS Executives Maigread Eichten & Jim Taschetta The smiling faces in the picture below, left to right are: Piyush Prasad, Godwin Vincent, FRS Chief Marketing Officer Jim Taschetta, Monica Thukral, Team CEO Sarina Vij, FRS CEO Maigread Eichten and Julie Phillips. Not shown is FRS team member Felipe Braun who was unable to attend. FRS Team # 1 with CEO FRS CEO Maigread told the team that their presentation beat the work done by a University MBA team. She and Jim said the Camp BizSmart students, […]

Alliance of Chief Executives Brings Project Sponsors to Camp BizSmart

This year with the support of Paul Witkay, Founder and CEO of the Alliance of Chief Executives, Camp BizSmart challenged 46 aspiring young Silicon Valley entrepreneurs with meaty, interesting and stimulating real life business problems. Alliance members Amit Chatterjee, CEO and founder of Hara proposed an Apple App to track personal energy use; Maigread Eichten, CEO of FRS tasked the teams with designing a new FRS healthy energy drink for teens; and Kevin Surace, CEO of Serious Materials engaged the students by asking them to design a high “R” value classroom to save energy and enhance learning. Paul attended the final business plan competition and saw Hara 2 CEO Michaela […]