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Camp BizSmart Students Create Next Gen Innovations Today, – You Won’t Want to Miss This!

Since 2008, Camp BizSmart has recruited top founders who provide really cool and game changing products that meet and exceed their customers’ needs.  This year, students who attend one of the Camp BizSmart Product Innovation and Biz Pitch Academies will have the opportunity to select from 3 top companies: EksoBionics, Drobots, and PsiBands. Here is a quick overview of the amazing companies students will get to work with, visit the campbizsmart.org website to watch the videos and the product innovation business case just posted for each of these companies: Ekso Bionics® is a leading developer of exoskeleton solutions that amplify human potential by supporting or enhancing strength, endurance and mobility […]

EKSO Bionics: Camp BizSmart Project Sponsor 2013

Bionic Suit Propels Human Grit – The 6 Million Dollar Man Becomes a Reality Anyone who grew up watching the 6 Million Dollar Man or has seen the recent Iron Man movies knows that it is pretty cool to make the human body capable of more than it is able to do on its own. Steve Austin is severely injured when his aircraft crashes and is “rebuilt” in a title-giving operation that costs at least six million dollars. His right arm, both legs and the left eye are replaced by “bionic” implants that enhance his strength, speed and vision far above human norms. Iron Man, a 2008 American superhero film […]