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BizSmart Entrepreneur Challenge: The Silicon Valley Way Innovation and Design Challenge: Zurich, Switzerland

Camp BizSmart returns to Zurich, Switzerland Oct. 4-8, 2021 to present an unique entrepreneur experience for young idea makers and world shakers. In partnership with Nina Reinhart, the managing director for Camp BizSmart Europe, BizSmart Global will present: Camp BizSmart Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Workshop at Kantonsschule Hottingen and Zurich International School. The Camp BizSmart workshop has been presented to Kantonsschule Hottingen high school students for more than 7 years.  The workshop has been so popular that this year, in addition to the workshop held at Hottingen School, a simultaneous workshop will also be offered to high school students at Zurich International School. Dr. Mike Gibbs, CEO and Founder of Camp BizSmart and […]

Camp BizSmart Congratulates Manish Chandra on Poshmark IPO

Camp BizSmart congratulates BizSmart mentor and advisor Manish Chandra, CEO of Poshmark on his IPO.  Manish is a true visionary who demonstrates the Camp BizSmart attributes of zest, optimism and grit that it takes to start a company from scratch with  unique value for its clients and customers.  Thanks for inspiring our young entrepreneurs by your example. Customer engagement via mobile social app is the very foundation of Poshmark, a social marketplace for fashion, where anyone can buy and sell — or share their personal style. Manish Chandra, founder and CEO, believes that mobile social media has changed the way people shop.   Manish has said, “…when a company helps people […]

Never Underestimate the Heart of a Champion and what does ZOG have to do with it?


I was watching the Warriors the other night, it was the end of the game, the clock rapidly counting down, the score tied and everyone on the edge of their seat,  when one of the commentators said, “never underestimate the heart of a champion.”   You heard it too?  The next moments proved him right, once again, one of the Warriors stepped up and dug deep and made the play that made the difference taking them to another win. How is this possible? What sets a champion apart from the competition? At Camp BizSmart we call this ZOG, which stands for Zest, Optimism and Grit.  When you have ZOG you have a zest for all […]

illumi-tube takes first place at Camp BizSmart third competition at Microsoft

The third Camp BizSmart competition was held on August 7, 2014 at Microsoft in Silicon Valley.   Thanks to Dan’l Lewin, VP at Microsoft for sponsoring Camp BizSmart since we were founded in 2008. Dan’l, hats off to you  for believing in the power of inspiring Camp BizSmart young people to be business savy and to develop the entrepreneurial skills that will serve them well all of their life. Dr. Mike Gibbs, CEO and Cofounder of Camp BizSmart is pictured in the “o” of the Microsoft sign below as his way of saying the o represents the people at Microsoft that not only make it great but who use their influence […]

Camp BizSmart Offers Rare Opportunity to Work With and Learn From Successful Company Founders

Have you ever wished you could talk to a successful founder to learn how they brought their product idea to market? Did they build their company up themselves? Did they go use Gembah’s Solutions to help take their concept to the market? Was there a big team around them or just a few great minds? Have you wondered how to meet successful entrepreneurs or to snag an internship at a great company to acquire experience and develop essential marketable skills? We know from parents, friends and colleagues that many of you have wished for just this opportunity and yet found it to be elusive. Camp BizSmart students gain hands on […]

Key Skills For Youth To Succeed and Thrive!

As founders of teen entrepreneurship academy, Camp BizSmart, the question asked most by parents is “how can my son or daughter prepare to compete, thrive and succeed in this wildly unpredictable global economy?” We say the challenge is like training for the Olympics and not knowing what your event you are entered in or the position on the team until the day of the competition! Here are our thoughts on how to help your sons and daughters be prepared for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Ready your students for a fast change world! Give them the skills to embrace it and be energized by it! Make change a […]

Honoring Mompreneurs on Mother’s Day

Dr. Amy Baxter wanted to eliminate the pain that her son experienced when he needed to have immunizations.  All mom’s want to reduce the pain their child has when getting necessary immunizations, but  Dr. Baxter was a pediatric emergency physician and pain specialist and invented Buzzy (buzzy4shots.com) to help kids bear their immunizations.  In true entrepreneurial spirit Dr. Baxter transformed into a businesswoman and on sabbatical from her medical practice is working full time on Buzzy. She doesn’t dwell on the many setbacks that have occurred along the way, instead she chooses to focus on the many individuals whose lives she has changed for the better because of Buzzy. Buzzy […]

Winning in the Shark Tank Requires True Grit

Are you ready to swim with Sharks? Much has been written about the success and popularity of the Shark Tank. What makes Shark Tank fun to watch, and a hit among its approximately 5 million viewers, is the quick-paced give-and-take, that occurs among five very different personalities who are standing in judgement of the entrepreneurs business pitch. But it can also be very instructive as well for those aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages who are watching intently. Entrepreneurs love to be in the look always looking for the next opportunity or piece of knowledge that will help them work towards their dreams. Many of these aspiring success stories enjoy daily […]