Innovate This! Teen Invention Convention



Tweenpreneurs are challenged to invent the next cool thing.

Innovate This! is a “Teen Invention Convention”. Aspiring entrepreneurs will invent a new, cool product in a fast-cycle product invention mash-up, meeting Silicon Valley big thinkers and design gurus. This next generation of “big thinkers” will learn how to take new products to market, interact with company executives and work in teams with passionate peers.

It is hoped that this process will give them a better idea of how inventors work and how they have the ability to change the world. You never know, a young mind may have been inspired to become an inventor and create a product that they can take to InventHelp and have it totally change the way we do things!


Here’s How It Works

These new inventors will form teams with 3–8 members and come to Innovate This! with a team or they can join a “pick-up” team the morning of the event.

A mystery product will be revealed no sooner than one week prior to the event. A kick-off event and social mixer happens the day before where the final instructions are provided.


Innovate This! is an intense 8 hour combination of incubator resources, innovation inspiration and top Silicon Valley entrepreneurs mentoring and coaching the problem solution and product invention process. The final 2 hours of the day is a fast paced pitch competition and prototype showcase where a panel of design experts and venture capitalists determine the ultimate competition winner.

Innovate This! sessions are scheduled at various times of the year in collaboration with local partners in the US and around the globe.

Special thanks to Microsoft who has been a valued partner of Innovate This! the teen invention convention.