2020 Business Cases

At the 2020 camps, students had the opportunity to create the next generation of product designs for Bell Flight, Torque 3, and Joule Case.

Bell Flight: Fully Autonomous Electric Personal Air Vehicle Innovation Case

Bell Flight Bell Nexus

Imagine texting for an air taxi to land at your house & take your daughter/son to soccer practice when you are stuck in traffic. Multiple electric vehicles are now on the market with more to come. Everyone talks about the next big thing in transportation, and many believe it is a fully autonomous air vehicle. Forget star trek and creating a space vehicle, be on the cutting edge and design what will make this market soar into the friendly skies here on earth, and leave the road and traffic congestion behind! Learn more.

Torque 3: Immersive Rehabilitation Simulator Innovation Case

Torque 3

An AR/VR mechanical immersive experience simulator, with five sense engagement to speed up and improve the recovery of people with traumatic brain injury. You may know someone who has had a brain injury through an accident while skiing, biking doing gymnastics or other sports, or medical incident such as a stroke. The rehabilitation to recover brain function can be lonely, tough and takes grit and determination in order to make a full recovery.

Currently Torque3 CEO, David Ellzey is working to create the first immersive rehabilitation simulator for stroke victims. Even more exciting, they want to forge a new way of experiencing how rehabilitation is done. Imagine if brain injury rehab was more like a modern interactive fitness studio filled with encouragement, inspiration and motivation. Now think of a mash up of very cool and innovative simulator with AR/VR enhancements, sort of a Peloton and SoulCycle for brain injury recovery. Learn more.

Joule Case: Modular Integrated Alternative Power System Innovation Case

In 2007 Alex Livingston and James Wagoner had an early vision to dramatically rethink design of electric cars around the world. That innovation centered on a modular scalable battery called Fuel 2.0™ which puts into play advanced energy dense lithium batteries and Joule Case provides the ability to transform how you use power at home or on the go. Alex and James reimagined the original concept of Fuel 2.0™ to superboast the concept of Hybrid Homes™.

So imagine, an easy to use, modular integrated alternative power system for “hybrid homes” to replace gas powered carbon based generators when the electric power grid goes down similar to what occurred in California last year. As you may know or have personally experienced, many families were totally without power for 3-5 days or more with no backup system. Think Tesla Powerwall but designed to be more powerful, portable, invisible (a couch, floor, art installation, ?) as easy to use as a household blender, and rechargeable from a variety of sources (solar, wind, kinetic, etc.). Simply stack and snap. Finally, a climate friendly alternative to noisy gas generators. Power is crucial, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Extra points for teams that can add the element of aesthetic integration of the power source into the home. Learn more.