BizSmart Accelerator Masterclass (BAM!™) Virtual
Coming this Fall 2020

The World’s 1st Virtual Accelerator for “Teenpreneurs” – BAM!™

At the BizSmart Accelerator Masterclass BAM!™, self-motivated “idea makers and world shakers” ages 13-17 from around the world will test their entrepreneurial ability and start up knowledge in a real world, “pop-up” business case that will bring their product to life and push their dreams into reality! Scrappy young entrepreneurs will learn how to go from garage to global in this virtual, one-of-a-kind, life-changing 10-day entrepreneurship experience.

In a virtual “flipped learning” model BAM! Teams will be able to schedule “on demand” coaching and mentoring sessions. Teams will design and brand a product around a current problem, and make a fundraising strategy, a press release, a marketing video, & a landing page for their business. This unique, first-of-its-kind, virtual opportunity for budding young entrepreneurs, will conclude with a real-world business start-up pitch to investors. Each participant will work with a Silicon Valley industrial designer and receive a full color, CAD rendering of their product concept, ready for their college portfolio.

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Don’t Compete… Accelerate!

Get ready to change the world:

  • Expect a new type of virtual accelerator experience that combines the best of project-based learning and the depth and breadth of Silicon Valley knowledge capital!
  • Bring your friends and assemble a team that could create the next global brand sensation! You set the pace! Just be careful – Some teams will be very fast out of the gate! Will you have the GRIT to survive and thrive?
  • Want to invent a cool new product? The BizSmart Accelerator Masterclass (BAM!™) will teach you Design Thinking through the “School of Real-World Experience” to harness the fiercely determined energy of Silicon Valley!
  • Hear the secrets of “Lean Startups” pioneered by the Stanford “D” School and learn the simple yet powerful tenants of successful product design.
  • Learn how to craft the perfect marketing message to create maximum hype for your idea!
  • Learn the trade secrets of marketing pros. Be the best at creating a media buzz and learn to do it for free! Hint: It’s NOT all about social marketing.
  • Produce a marketing video with Silicon Valley video experts! Learn the best ways to create media buzz and find out how to do it for free! Hint: It’s NOT all about social media marketing.
  • Learn how to fund ideas with brand new and innovative tools like crowdfunded equity investments.
  • Want to make sure no one steals your great idea? Come and understand what intellectual property is and how to safeguard your idea from crafty predators!
  • Learn how to lay out a project timeline and manage precious resources to get to the finish line first!
  • Learn about effective habits of successful people.
  • Learn the true sources of personal power, and how to get what you want without ticking people off.
  • Build your accomplishment portfolio with a professional CAD rendering of your product concept and cool marketing video.
  • Create a supercharged circle of influence by meeting other teen influencers from around the world and build your professional network of like-minded Teenpreneurs!

Build Your Personal Skills Resume:

  • Leadership
  • Optimism and Grit
  • Teamwork
  • Project Management
  • Design Thinking
  • Product Design
  • Fundraising Tactics
  • Message Mastery
  • Video Production
  • Power Pitching

Camp Information

Coming this Fall 2020
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Mentored Hours:
10am–12pm and 4-5pm PST

Office Hours:
5-6pm PST (optional)

When not working with mentors, students work independently and with their teammates. They can email their mentors if they have questions. Parents can be assured that their help is not needed to accomplish the BizSmart Accelerator Masterclass. Parents are always welcome to see what their students are doing online, but never required to do so.

Camp Questions:
Geeta Ajmera
(510) 304-8044

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