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Camp BizSmart 2010, Biz Plan Competition – Game On!

Stanford session announces 1st place winner – two more sessions to go before grand finale round. The competition for top student team of Camp BizSmart 2010 is definitely on! Each year we say the business solutions the student teams come up with are amazing. And this year, looking at the first round from teams competing at our Stanford session – every team brought it! But who won this first round? HopeLab Team 1 – Stanford session, was awarded first place for the best business plan and presentation by the esteemed panel of judges. HopeLab Team 1 -Stanford, was lead by student CEO, Tony Klachin, with CTO, Shaurey Vetsa, CMO, James […]

Camp BizSmart at Newpreneur Finals

These smiling faces (left to right: Mike Gibbs, Karthik Bala, Peggy Gibbs, Michael Cheng, Tom Peters, Fernanda Gutierrez, Michaela Kastelman, Sachin Vadodaria, and Ellen Pieterse. Samir Kishore was not present.) show the excitement of the winning Camp BizSmart team with Newpreneur of the Year Finale featured speaker, Tom Peters. The students enjoyed talking with Mr. Peters, one of the most influential and distinctive voices in the business world and the author of numerous books including In Search of Excellence. Ken Johnson, VP of Ideas at WAGIC a valued partner of Camp BizSmart, observed “Those teen entrepreneurs having the opportunity to talk to Tom Peters, is like young musicians talking with […]

Camp BizSmart FRS Team # 1 Presents to CEO

On Tuesday October 20th, FRS Team # 1 led by team CEO, Sarina Vij wowed the FRS executive team at their Redwood City headquarters. FRS Executives Maigread Eichten & Jim Taschetta The smiling faces in the picture below, left to right are: Piyush Prasad, Godwin Vincent, FRS Chief Marketing Officer Jim Taschetta, Monica Thukral, Team CEO Sarina Vij, FRS CEO Maigread Eichten and Julie Phillips. Not shown is FRS team member Felipe Braun who was unable to attend. FRS Team # 1 with CEO FRS CEO Maigread told the team that their presentation beat the work done by a University MBA team. She and Jim said the Camp BizSmart students, […]

Alliance of Chief Executives Brings Project Sponsors to Camp BizSmart

This year with the support of Paul Witkay, Founder and CEO of the Alliance of Chief Executives, Camp BizSmart challenged 46 aspiring young Silicon Valley entrepreneurs with meaty, interesting and stimulating real life business problems. Alliance members Amit Chatterjee, CEO and founder of Hara proposed an Apple App to track personal energy use; Maigread Eichten, CEO of FRS tasked the teams with designing a new FRS healthy energy drink for teens; and Kevin Surace, CEO of Serious Materials engaged the students by asking them to design a high “R” value classroom to save energy and enhance learning. Paul attended the final business plan competition and saw Hara 2 CEO Michaela […]

Camp BizSmart Staff Eats Great BBQ at the Blue Rock

This past Saturday, Marie and Owen Jobson, founders and owners of the Blue Rock BBQ at 3001 Meridian in San Jose, hosted the staff of Camp BizSmart for a fine meal of pulled pork, BBQ ribs, salads, and my favorite, pecan pie. What a way to spend an afternoon–good friends, home cooking and terrific hospitality!!! Thank you Owen & Marie, you make a wonderful team. The 2009 Camp BizSmart Team at the Blue Rock

Camp BizSmart Business Plan Competition 2009

What a great business plan competition we had at Lucas Hall on the campus of Santa Clara University last Thursday, August the 13th. Eight teams representing sponsor companies Valence Energy, Hara, Serious Materials and FRS had 15 minutes to convince the six judges, Cris Banks (Haas Business School), Brad Mattson (Vantage Point Ventures), Bill Reichert (Garage Technology Ventures), David Dembitz (Keiretsu Forum), Chris Law (Aggregate Knowledge), and Kelly Sang ( that their idea was worthy of taking to market. Judges Cris Banks, Brad Mattson, and David Dembitz Judges left to right Bill Reichert, David Dembitz, Chris Law and Kelly Sang quiz the “Tweenpreneurs” about financial and marketing strategies. Michaela Kastelman […]

Google at Camp BizSmart

What a treat today as Dana Nguyen, Education Manager at Google, told the kids about her career at Google. Dana graduated from Stanford where she founded “Women in Business”, before beginning her career at Google. The Camp BizSmart students impressed Dana with their knowledge of the history of Google, saying “Most adults don’t know this much about the company.” Google was started in 1995 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page at Stanford. The kids learned some “Insider” ways to use Google that could help them with their business plan preperation. Sameer Vij, CEO of one of the teams thought her suggestions would improve their presentation on Thursday to the judges. […]

Serious Materials Team

Nikhil and his team hard at work designing the clean, energy efficient ‘Classroom of the Future” using innovative building elements from Serious Materials, a Sunnyvale company that has won awards for it’s unique ability to design and produce low cost, efficient windows and walls. Go Nikhil!!

Seven Skills For 21st Century Competitiveness #1

After hundreds of interviews with world class companies and top notch entrepreneurs, the founders of Camp BizSmart have isolated seven 21st century skills necessary to survive in this fast, flat, global economic climate. We are beginning a series of blogs featuring the seven skills, and some examples from established business leaders who generously shared their personal experiences with Camp BizSmart. Skill #1: Real time problem solving, creativity and critical thinking Analytical and innovative thinking skills are widely recognized as the great divider separating high performance leaders from run of the mill followers. Terrific problem solvers like Apple founder, Steve Jobs, are not afraid to take calculated risks, ask “why not”, […]

Wateroos Team Featured on the HSM Website

Susan Copperman, an HSM Global executive, blogged today about the upcoming appearence of the Wateroos team at the World Innovation Forum. She makes a very interesting comment about the turmoil in today’s economic markets and how the the entrprenuers of the future, like the Camp BizSmart Wateroos team, will be the wave of the future to save this economy. Whew!! Big shoes to fill, but if we know these guys, they are up to it! Go to the blog at to see her thoughts. And be sure to leave a comment of your own on the HSM site.