Our Staff

Geeta Ajmera
Director of Admissions and Logistics
(510) 304-8044 | geeta.ajmera@bizsmartglobal.com
Geeta Ajmera is the student Admissions Manager for Camp BizSmart and BizSmart Global. She formally joined the Camp BizSmart staff in 2010, but she has been involved with Camp BizSmart since her son participated in the 2008 pilot program. At that time she recognized that the goals and achievements of Camp BizSmart were a perfect match for her interpersonal skills and business background.

Geeta was instrumental in helping both Camp BizSmart and BizSmart Global set up and deliver programs in India. She provides concierge service to students from India and other parts of the world who wish to attend Camp BizSmart in the United States.


Tina Chiang
Special Projects & Mentor
Tina joined BizSmart Global in 2019 with a desire to reach more students around the globe to help them realize their entrepreneurship skills. She believes that by incorporating values such as zest and grit to a student’s mindset, in addition to their skills, they can bring their visions, ideas, and themselves one step further in becoming successful entrepreneurs.

Tina graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from University of the Pacific’s School of International Studies, with double majors in International Affairs and Commerce, and Applied Economics. Through her past internships in the Commerce Department of the US Embassy, Kuala Lumpur, and at the CalAsian Chamber of Commerce, Tina has experience working with domestic and international businesses from a variety of industries, exporting/importing products to and from the US. The scope of work included setting up and facilitating Business to Business connections, researching potential new markets and trends for clients, and understanding foreign regulations and logistics for exportation in a range of industries including tourism and travel, food and beverage, agriculture, cosmetics and beauty, and medical equipment.

Tina enjoys working with kids and has been mentoring and coaching students since she was in middle school, starting off as a Sunday school assistant and VBS camp instructor. She was also a teacher’s assistant, teaching students English, as part of an English summer camp in Pingtung, Taiwan. During her college years, Tina tutored students from grades one through 12 on various school subjects, including math, history, and language arts.

Dvir Maltzman
Workshop Academic Director
Dvir Maltzman joined the Camp BizSmart family in the summer of 2016. Dvir has spent many years learning social psychology, interpersonal communication, and conflict resolution both in and out of formal academic programs. In addition, Dvir has been involved in leadership and social entrepreneurship organizations since the age of 14. His love of learning and passion for people found a natural home at Camp BizSmart. Dvir believes that one of the most important parts of any successful organization is strong, healthy team dynamics. Moreover, because no system lives in isolation – be it sociological, scientific, economic, bureaucratic, etc. – it is important to him to remind students of the bigger picture.

Currently Dvir studies and works as an industrial designer, and is a member of the Industrial Design Society of America. It is an iterative process of ideating, developing, testing, and bringing products and services to market. Professionally, Dvir focuses on environmentalism and sustainable design. To him, it is not enough to learn and to do, so the opportunity to empower others to learn to do the same is invaluable. Thus far, seeing young people grow at BizSmart Global, and grow as a team, has been nothing short of inspirational.

Scott Meader
International Workshop Director
Scott believes that excellent entrepreneurship not only recommends grit, it requires it. Scott joined BizSmart Global in 2017 with a mission to help young people find their passions and equip them with high level entrepreneurial skills, tools and abilities to build the businesses of tomorrow. Scott has spent many years studying team dynamics, what makes successful leaders, and the psychology of contagious enthusiasm. He is plugged into the pulse of social media marketing techniques and organic broadcasting topics which he enjoys teaching to and learning from the future entrepreneurs at Camp BizSmart.

Scott earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from San Jose State University. He currently works as an Industrial Designer at Exo Design where he has the privilege of deploying cutting edge Silicon Valley technology. He has worked on product development/product strategy with leading technology companies such as Applied Materials, Nest, and Uber.

Scott’s skills include sketching (Sketchbook Pro and Analog), graphic design (Adobe Suite), building CAD models, photography, model making, Solid Works, Keyshot, and video editing.

Scott has led workshops for BizSmart Global in Zurich and Hong Kong as well as programs at the Baylor School and Santa Clara University.

In his spare time, he enjoys attending the many local design shows and product pitches that are readily available in. Scott is passionate about good product design, epic mountain adventuring, and delicious dairy-free desserts.

Kalwant Sandhu
Kalwant Sandhu
International Workshop Director
Mr. Sandhu was born and brought up in undeveloped Singapore, along with his parents and 5 siblings in a small room. Growing up he was an athlete scholar who excelled in soccer and field hockey. While serving in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) he played in both sports and upon leaving the SAF he joined Tampines Rovers, the oldest, and most decorated soccer club in Singapore, winning the league and President’s Cup numerous times. He then left to attend Richmond College in London for business studies. He captained the college soccer team and realizing the need, he convinced the college to allow him to establish a students’ café on campus. To supplement his income, he cleaned toilets and taught a fitness class at the campus.

In 1980 he moved to the USA to attend the University of San Francisco (USF) where became part of the National Champion soccer team. At USF he attained a Bachelor of Science in Business and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. As a self-starter, he organized the fundraising and advertising for the Athletics Department at USF to supplement the department’s budget. He is a staunch believer in benevolence and empowerment creating companies, such as Our School Foundation, The Sportscard, and Menu1040 that gave back to the communities and schools.

Kalwant headed sales and marketing departments where he advised his staff to work for a solution for clients and not to focus on the sales as good service equals a great reputation. He added a Master’s in Business Administration to education in 1996 while raising 3 sons and running businesses from home. He has consulted for Borland International and Gold’s Gym in the UK.

When the call came to help, he assisted the Red Cross in the Hurricane Katrina Recovery in New Orleans. On vacations he cleans beaches by picking garbage that have washed onshore. Kalwant’s work experience includes helping companies set up international offices, advising companies on international culture, being a cutting-edge radio talk show host, introducing new services to markets, & introducing benevolent relationships.

He has been active on the boards of directors of soccer associations & clubs, The Community Health Awareness Council, Singapore American Business Association, Parents Nursery School, Silicon Valley Essential High School, and Chairman of the Human Relations Council for the City of Mountain View. Kal enjoys inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs at BizSmart Global workshops around the world.

International Client Directors

Tiza Martínez
Tiza serves as Managing Partner of BizSmart Lima, Peru since 2016. With 17 years’ experience producing the most important corporate events in Peru, she was thrilled with the idea of developing entrepreneurial drive in kids and adolescents through Camp BizSmart. As Event Director at SEMINARIUM PERU for 12 years, she was in constant contact with the most important business specialists, professors and global thinkers consolidating her passion for education. She is the founder and CEO at CONCLAVE, the first boutique for special corporate events in Peru.