How is Camp BizSmart different from other camps?

Camp BizSmart is the only camp in the U.S. that teaches students ages 11 – 15 the skills needed to run a business in a flat, competitive world. Here are some of the ways our program stands above other camps:

  • Kids work on business problems for innovative companies.
  • Kids gain real-world experience in a positive, team-based environment.
  • Kids personally learn through the mentorship of top executives.

What is your learning model?

Our model is based on the proven practice of project-based learning, which teaches kids skills and abilities through problem-solving exercises based on real business cases. We call it LDCA (“Learn, Do, Check, Act”). It was adapted from the advice W. Edwards Deming, the father of statistical quality control, used to give to Fortune 500 companies.

Is this just another technology skills camp?

Camp BizSmart teaches much more than just technology skills. Our programs and team-based classrooms promote good attitudes as well, Herb Kelleher, the wildly successful CEO and founder of Southwest Airlines, once said his secret to success was “hiring for attitude and training for everything else.”

Do you focus on skill development?

We are dedicated to teaching kids necessary skills, and we’ve formed our learning model around it. Our programs emphasize leadership, collaborative teamwork, financial analysis, project management, negotiation, positive influence, and public speaking.

What’s it like to be a student at Camp BizSmart?

Students choose their own teams and assume the roles of C-level executives, such as CEO and CFO. Each team then solves a problem given by the CEO and founder of a successful company. Teams design an innovative solution, write a business plan, and pitch it to a group of real investors. It’s a challenging task, but students have a lot of fun together.

How are students assigned to projects?

Before camp, students are provided with project descriptions. They must research all companies and assign priority to each in order of interest. On the first day of the program, they negotiate with other students to obtain their first or second choice.

How do students complete projects in only two weeks?

Time management isn’t just something we teach – we practice it. Each day’s agenda is precisely coordinated. In addition to camp directors, each team is assigned a facilitator whose job it is to keep team members focused on project goals, schedules, and requirements.

Why is Camp BizSmart project-based?

Research suggests that successful business founders and entrepreneurs learn exceedingly well from actual experience. We design projects to duplicate how people learn in real life. You might say that “project practice makes perfect.”

What kind of projects will students work on at Camp BizSmart?

We know Camp BizSmart students are passionate and up to date on the latest technology. We integrate technology with projects to get kids excited and involved in a variety of emerging business trends and issues. Past team projects include an iPhone app to track home energy use, a literacy program in Northern Uganda, a teencentric wearable fitness device, an electric mini-moto motorcycle, and a variety of other unique and innovative projects.

What are the qualifications of Camp BizSmart’s staff and faculty?

Our founders Mike and Peggy Gibbs each have 30 years of experience in management and leadership at General Electric, Benetech, Texas Instruments, Packard Children’s Hospital, the Girl Scouts, and several Silicon Valley start-ups. Camp BizSmart Directors are carefully selected for their knowledge, training, and years of experience at leading companies. Our faculty members come from companies like Cisco, Serious Energy, Apple, Google, Kaboodle, and other well-known fast-growing businesses.

What do the founders know about skill development?

Dr. Michael Gibbs has delivered seminars to executives in over 20 countries for General Electric and The Haas Business School at UC Berkeley. As a psychologist, he evaluated student performance and worked on projects to reinvent education in the U.S. at The Health Trust. Peggy Gibbs co-founded education and youth development ventures, including the Children’s Dental Initiative and BrainWise Learning. She also co-founded the Santa Clara County Partnership for School Readiness. At Packard Children’s Hospital Ms. Gibbs raised capital for cutting-edge children’s medical services. At the Girls Scouts, she initiated programs to teach girls math, science, and leadership skills.

What’s the student base of Camp BizSmart programs?

Since 2008, we have drawn top students from 15 international schools, plus an increasing number of students from across the United States, as well as over 60 public and private schools in the Bay Area, to our Silicon Valley, Santa Clara University, Baylor School and international locations.

Does Camp BizSmart plan to expand globally?

Camp BizSmart has already established a worldwide presence. Camp BizSmart students have pitched their ideas, live via TelePresence, to students in Argentina and Brazil. Business plan presentations have streamed from India and China. In addition, students have traveled from Argentina, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, and China to be coached, mentored, and inspired at Camp BizSmart programs.

We’re establishing locations outside the U.S. We opened Camp BizSmart India in 2010 with camps in Hyderabad, Mumbai and New Delhi.

How can I find out if Camp BizSmart is right for my child?

We invite you to speak personally with our founders. They would love to talk to you about how Camp BizSmart provides the best learning environment for your aspiring young entrepreneur.

Toll-free: 800-475-0869
Phone: (408) 395-1937
Mike’s Cell: (408) 472-6701
Peggy’s Cell: (408) 472-2861

Is Camp BizSmart tuition tax deductible?

If your child is under the age of 13 and attending a Camp BizSmart program this summer, you may be able to count the tuition you pay as an expense toward the Child and Dependent Care Credit. To determine your eligibility, please speak with a tax professional.

Can I use my flexible savings account (FSA) to pay tuition?

Please check with your employer’s HR department to find out if your FSA plan covers day camps like Camp BizSmart.

What if I need to cancel my student’s enrollment?

If you wish to protect your tuition and travel investment against an unforeseen circumstance, we have partnered with A+ Program Protection from TravMark to offer various coverages. Please click here to learn more and obtain a quote.

What is the refund policy?

Because we work with many instructors, venues, vendors, and caterers, it is important that we have an accurate headcount well in advance of the event. For this reason, we are unable to offer any refunds within 21 days of the event. And because we sign contracts with venues guaranteeing the number of students at least 21 days in advance of your arrival, we are unable to offer any refunds within 21 days of the event. If it is before 21 days from the event, please contact Peggy Gibbs to request a refund. Thank you for understanding.

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