2022 Innovation Case
Partner: Notpla

Notpla is the second of three innovative Camp BizSmart BizCases. This sustainability start-up is making waves with their mission to make plastic packaging disappear! They have developed materials made out of seaweed and natural plants that can replace plastic with an ultra-bio­ degradable alternative.

The London startup Notpla has created a plastic alternative from seaweed that’s biodegradable — and even edible.  And it’s hoping it could put a dent in the 300 million tons of plastic waste humans generate each year.

Notpla’s natural plastic-like casing is biodegradable within four to six weeks, the company says, compared to the several hundred years it takes synthetic plastics to biodegrade.

Marta Quintana, of Notpla shows the seaweed that helps to create the biodegradable, disappearing packaging material to replace plastic.

Marta Quintana, works on Notpla’s CRM implementation, strategic planning and thinking initiatives, as well as product development and business development.  She will challenge Camp BizSmart aspiring young entrepreneurs to create a totally new sustainable packaging product for Notpla, using their specially developed seaweed-based material that will dramatically reduce plastic waste.   Prior to Notpla, Marta cofounded two companies, Eation and Un Tercio del Huerto.  She has a degree in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  In addition Marta has worked with Camp BizSmart as an entrepreneur coach and workshop director, inspiring young idea makers to think big and out of the box in order to solve problems and realize innovations that customers want and that will create value.

To learn more about the Notpla innovation case and Camp BizSmart entrepreneur camps visit: Camp BizSmart: 10 Day for 12-16 Year Olds | Summer Business Academy

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