2022 Innovation Case
Partner: Token

Camp BizSmart announces the 2022 new innovation cases.  Teens and tweens working in teams at the end of two weeks, will present and defend their product innovation solution and business pitch to expert judges in competition.  Token is the company and Token ring is one of our three business cases.

Kevin Surace, a serial entrepreneur of many successful companies and products, has been a great friend to Camp BizSmart having spoken to our aspiring entrepreneurs many times over the years. He is the Board Chair of Token and is partnering with us to make this case possible.

Here is a brief overview about Token and the challenge: Token has developed a unique wearable to secure your digital information and personal digital identity.  The challenge is to re-imagine Token Ring’s core biometric technology, to invent a first of its kind Metaverse Access Ring for safe, secure and exciting Metaworld experiences.  Read more about the biz case here: Teenpreneurs Business Cases | Summer Business Academy (campbizsmart.org)

This is going to be the best summer ever to be inspired by successful entrepreneurs and leading-edge companies.  You won’t want to miss it!  Sign up for Camp BizSmart today: Santa Clara University, CA | Summer Business Academy | Camp BizSmart