Update on Biz Case Sponsor -Joule Case – the future of Portable Energy

Recently, we caught up with James Wagoner, CEO of Joule Case, a past product innovation business case sponsor for Camp BizSmart.  James shared the following update on how their portable energy solution was providing benefit to their customers and the latest company news:

Life uses a lot of power. Whether you need a back-up energy source at home, power for camping, or the ability to run gear for work, you can be prepared with Joule Case. Full power has never been this convenient or build-able!  Joule Case has multiple options for wherever and whenever you need it most.

Joule Case was conceived with one clear idea – to make complex power systems simple and easy to use. Today, that translates into a patent pending system and design that allows for total freedom of system configuration, and peace of mind.

Joule Case’s game-changing power solutions have a wide variety of applicable uses across settings: camping, food trucks, disaster preparedness, and more.

Also, California just passed in law banning new portable gas generator sales and the corresponding funding grants to support this clean energy transition.

With our elegant solution that makes energy generation and storage clean, quiet, and affordable, it’s no wonder we’re poised for explosive growth.  James states that they are particularly well-positioned to take advantage of two intersecting markets experiencing rapid growth: 1.) the $30B lithium ion battery market expected to grow 4x in the next decade, and 2.) event power, with 25% compound annual growth rate. We are pleased to announce that LOI Insomniac Events just signed with Joule Case.

James concluded by saying, “I’m so excited to announce that we’re launching an equity crowdfunding campaign for Joule Case on WeFunder.”  You may learn more at: Home – Joule Case

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