Opportunity to learn from professional communicator, Matt Crevin

From time to time we share news about cool things our Camp BizSmart partners and advisors are doing. Matt Crevin of  https://www.talkshop.company/  is just such a person who recently partnered with us to bring his communication tips to our aspiring entrepreneurs in our Dubai workshops.

Therefore,  I can speak to his dedication in helping todays high school AND college students.  Matt’s workshops develop the pivotal life skills of how to communicate clearly, concisely and confidently, regardless of the situation and setting.  Not only to improve the academic lives of students but also to improve the way they communicate within their family sphere, personal lives and of course to become truly career ready.  Think about job interviews and networking…are your students prepared to communicate their personal brand?  Do they know what their brand is?

He is offering two valuable workshops this month:  https://www.locallevelevents.com/events/details/14798

If you’d like to lean more about what Talk Shop is all about, please reach out to Matt directly at:  matt@talkshop.company

Camp BizSmart helps students to increase their entrepreneurial mindset and skills. We bring experienced executives to share their entrepreneurial journey and talent with our idea makers and world shakers.  If you want to be challenged this summer to create innovative solutions to current and emerging business challenges and opportunities while having fun with your friends, check out the July 2021 BizSmart Challenge. 

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