Gratefulness of the heart is a continuous feast

As we reflect on Thanksgiving 2020, we send our heartfelt gratitude to the hundreds of wise and generous people who joyfully came together in this challenging year to create the first ever virtual product design competition for actual companies struggling in this difficult moment. And most of all made a difference in the lives of aspiring young entrepreneurs who learned the skills necessary to put a ding in the universe.

  • James Wagoner CEO at Joule Case, and David Ellzey CEO at Torque 3, collaborated with BizSmart to write challenging cases that inspired our young entrepreneurs to be future world shakers.
  • Serial entrepreneurs Menko DeRoos, and Bill Reichert who shared innovative business ventures and encouraged out of the box solutions.
  • Camp BizSmart alumni Sandra Herchen at Amazon, and Angelica Valenta at Tom’s Shoes mentored current Camp BizSmart Teenpreneurs during the first ever, worldwide virtual product design competition
  • Top notch workshop directors, Scott Meader, Dvir Maltzman, Kal Sandhu, and Andrew Leonard, who together with a stellar team, Tina Chiang, Geeta Ajmera, Paul Lawryk, Justin Jones, and Alex Furukawa coached the next generation of business leaders from eleven different countries with excellence, joy and great inspiration
  • Dozens of talented industrial designers led by led designer Scott Meader, helped bring to life the product innovation designs to enhance student achievement portfolios.
  • And to Randy Williams, CEO, Founder of Keiretsu Forum and his great team Carla and Lauren who honor our grand champion team each year at the Angel Expo.
  • But most of all, we are grateful to the parents and young people who made the choice to select Camp BizSmart as the place where they brought their zest, optimism and grit and because they did – these young people created really remarkable products for companies who will change the world.

Giving Tuesday is just around the corner!  Help us to continue to inspire the future innovators, problem solvers and business leaders who are sure to start the “Next Big Thing”.

We’re hoping to raise $20,000 by the end of the day on December 1st to create the next great virtual entrepreneurship experience for Teenpreneurs. Every gift will help us to reach our goal and is tax deductible. For all gifts of $100. or more, we will send you our Camp BizSmart logo sunglasses as a thank you.