Camp BizSmart Announces Winning Team – Zurich, Switzerland

Congratulations to the winning team Simply Organized, from the Zurich Camp BizSmart entrepreneur workshop. The Challenge: Create a “Fashion Refresh Closet” inspired by Poshmark that encourages people to participate in the fashion refresh community. Entrepreneurship has no boundaries! Students had the opportunity to learn from and work with professional Silicon Valley Industrial Designers to bring their designs to the next level.  The founder of Poshmark, Manish Chandra, is a very successful serial entrepreneur of many great companies.  He is also an advisor to Camp BizSmart.

Held at the premiere Hottingen School in Zurich, Switzerland, the Camp BizSmart 5 day product innovation and biz pitch workshop, had 62 students who made up 10 teams and had the opportunity to select between 3 different business cases: PoshMark, Torque 3, and Good Natured.

The competition was intense, with the Judges deliberating at length between four possible contenders.  The winning team of students made up of CEO, Leonie H., CIO, Valeria P., CTO, Noah B., CMO, Daria S., VOC, Michael A., and CSO/CFO, Saliou D. – pitched the “Simply Organized” smart closet system using the Poshmark case.  The Judges were impressed with the way the students’ understood their target market’s pain points – being overwhelmed with daily decision making – and were able to translate the amount of time choosing outfits in the morning to real time figures. Throughout the presentation, the students reminded the Judges how deciding what to wear in the morning can eat up to 90 hours per year for their target customers! Their sleek product design and detailed marketing plan made their pitch overall more complete than any other team. Congratulations the Poshmark, Simply Organized, Team 5, of the BizSmart Global Hottingen 2020 workshop — what an incredible accomplishment in five days!

Our ZOG (Zest, Optimism, Grit) Winner:

Sophie M. caught the staff’s attention from the very first day of the program. First of all, her zest was apparent to everyone. Every time she asked a question, participated in class discussions or activities, Sophie always seemed excited to be a part of this (totally un-school-like) program! Sophie also impressed the staff with her obvious optimism. “Obvious” because no one from the staff ever heard a single negative word from Sophie in the entire week! While not the CEO of the team, Sophie used her grit to motivate her team to come together, and she led by example with her hard work as well. Like all great leaders, she willed her team to excellent results, despite all the obstacles! Congratulations Sophie — you truly deserve BizSmart Global Hottingen 2020’s ZOG Award!

Special shout out to Nina Reinhart BizSmart Global Europe our great partner in Zurich, the terrific staff at the Hottingen School, and to our BizSmart Global Workshop Director, Dvir Maltzman who led the workshop.  Follow us at: to see how students in the US and around the world create products that add value to people’s lives while developing essential entrepreneurial skills.