And the winner is. . .Joule Case Team, Race – CBSV 2020

Entrepreneurs are known for being able to make the best out of challenging moments to turn them into something remarkable.  Camp BizSmart is known for hands-on project-based entrepreneur experiences that develop the business skills that employers want.

To meet the challenges of this unusual season, the first ever Camp BizSmart virtual workshop was held on July 17-31st.  Six teams competed to earn the judges ranking of first place.  There were 3 business innovation cases: Joule Case, Torque 3 and Bell Flight and 2 teams selected each of the business cases.

The top team as determined by our judges, Erich Ziegler, Bret Cameto, and Michaela Kastelman, was the Joule Case team, Race.  The team members are: Jerry Zhang, who was both CEO and CFO for the team, Nandini Anand, who was CMSO, and Mackenzie Boyer, who was CDO.  The team will appear at the Keiretsu Forum’s Angel Capital Expo in November as their prize and also receive as a beautiful glass sculpture on a base that is engraved with their Business Innovation Case Partner, Joule Case,  and their team name, Race with the designation of being the Grand Champion for Camp BizSmart 2020.

The Keiretsu Forum has been a strategic partner of Camp BizSmart since 2008 and has continued to be a vigorous supporter of entrepreneurial skill development and providing our aspiring young entrepreneurs with priceless exposure to entrepreneurs and experienced executives that are great role models.

The product innovation designs that the team creates together with professional industrial designer who bring their drawings and sketches to life in 3-D renderings are below:

Our thanks go out to all of the Product Innovation Business Case Sponsors, Joule Case, Torque 3, and Bell Flight as well as our Judges, and our great Camp BizSmart team who interacted with these terrific young aspiring entrepreneurs and their fellow competitors.