Camp BizSmart Shark Tank CEO Romy Taormina featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

A prosperous, roaring ‘20’s shoutout to Camp BizSmart friend and 2019 business innovation case CEO sponsor Romy Taormina, CEO of Psi Bands . Check out her lessons of success as one of the top women to ever appear on the TV Show “Shark Tank”: We are so grateful for Romy’s mentorship and being an example to the next generation if idea makers and world shakers of the Camp BizSmart values: Character, Courage and Citizenship.” Below you will find an excerpt from the article that originally appeared on Authority Magazine and was later reposted on Entrepreneur online written by Yitzi Weiner. Image credit Authority Magazine.

What important business ‘takeaways’ Romy learned from being on Shark Tank?
All of these lessons were reinforced for me as a result of being on the show:
1. Be true to yourself. At the end of the day, we live with our own choices.
2. Be prepared to walk away. This is a business, not a hobby. We are accountable to many.
3. Be open to all things possible. When you keep an open mind, it’s amazing what opportunities may arise.
4. Be grateful. It provides a foundation for kindness. And kindness begets kindness.
5. Be willing to take risks. Unless we take the plunge, we will never know what can happen.

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