Top BizSmart Accelerator Team – Flytertainment – Visits Bell Flight Center

On November 5, 2019, the Camp Bizsmart Accelerator Team, Flytertainment presented their, first-of-its-kind, autonomous, electric personal entertainment air vehicle to the Bell Flight Engineering Innovation Team at the Bell Center Headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. In addition to receiving feedback from the Bell executives, the team toured the facility and got up close and personal with the many helicopters on site. They talked with pilots, flight mechanics and engineers building the first “air taxi”. The highlight of the day was when each member of the team piloted the flight simulator. What a blast!! “For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards for there you have been and there you will long to return.” Leonardo da Vinci.

Special thanks to our Bell Flight Sponsors: Rohn Olson and Carlos Finney who provided the business case and hosted the team at the Bell Center. Scott Meader, Workshop Director, and Dr. Mike and Peggy Gibbs, Co-Founders of Camp BizSmart, are pictured in the photo with the team.

Congratulations to the Flytertainment team: Alan Lee – Product Development Manager, Margaret Dowling – Customer Experience Manager, Michael Suma – Partnership Ventures, Pranay Banka – Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Varnava – Chief Sales Officer, and Michael Suma – Project Manager. After this special trip to the Bell Center and after having the opportunity to fly in the simulator, we all came away with a tremendous respect for those that fly as well those who care for these special flying machines.

So what did this team create that impressed the judges last summer? Aspiring entrepreneurs came from all over the globe to the BizSmart Accelerator for a unique and out-of-the-box design challenge presented by iconic aerospace company Bell Flight, partner with Uber to obtain the first FAA approval for a flying “air taxi”. The project was to define a unique target market, engineer the human factor cabin interface and cabin design for an autonomous Passenger Air Vehicle (PAV). Pitching at the juried show at Microsoft on Aug 2, 2019, the FLYtertainment team took the top prize with a concept that presented a futuristic PAV that, partnered with Disney and Six Flags, had the potential to dominate the entertainment industry. By 2035, they propose, every amusement park will feature dozens of PAVs which fly in dazzling loops and plummet in heart stopping free falls. The engineers at Bell Flight loved it!

The 2020 BizSmart Global Accelerator will be at Santa Clara University, July 19-31, 2020.  Residential housing is available. This two week hands-on entrepreneur experience is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, 13-17 who are ready to take on a big challenge and excited to create their innovative solution!  Each year a new challenge is presented – the challenge for 2020 will be announced this Spring.

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