Camp BizSmart 2019 Grand Champion Team – A Helping Hand – Honored at Keiretsu Forum

Camp BizSmart’s 2019 Grand Champion Team, “A Helping Hand”, presented their bionic hand product innovation idea to the Keiretsu Forum’s Investor Expo at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco. More than 400 investors and entrepreneurs applauded the team’s solution to the Chairman of Ekso Bionics challenge to create a first of its kind “magic hand” exoskeleton to improve daily living for people who have lost hand function. The team got to meet Randy Williams, CEO, Founder of Keiretsu Forum, and the 16 executives who presented leading edge products for a variety of problems including health care, power blackouts and transportation. The Expo was a real-world learning experience for the Camp BizSmart aspiring entrepreneurs who got to see first-hand how early stage companies pitched to actual sharks!! The keynote speaker, Jim Marggraff, author of “How to Raise a Founder with Heart.”, talked about the other side of Silicon Valley, adding customer value and giving back.

A quick overview of the Camp BizSmart team’s product solution:
The A Helping Hand bionic device by the Camp BizSmart team created a solution for the 750,000 individuals that had experienced a stroke knowing that 80 percent of these stroke victims lose function of one of their hands. Their invention makes rehabilitation therapy for these individuals more affordable and convenient on the road to regaining their hand strength and function faster.
Their Stroke Rehabilitation Glove or SRGI, is designed so that stroke physical therapy sessions may be conducted at home. It has Velcro straps, is lightweight, and is easy to put on and take off. There is also an online app for the physical therapy sessions which monitors heart rate and can track the recovery process to motivate the patients and inform the doctors. The SRGI has motorized fingers that imitate the actual therapy given by doctors, but at home where these individuals feel more comfortable.

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