Student’s Design Their Own Version of Apple TV in the BizSmart Global Design Sprint, Valencia, Spain

In October 2019, for the first time ever, 53 grade 11 “Teenpreneur” inventors from the Cambridge House Community College in Valencia, Spain, had the exciting opportunity of completing the BizSmart Design Sprint, featuring Apple TV+. The challenge: “Now that Apple is introducing their own streaming app, create a better way of watching movies and shows on an iPhone to heighten the user experience.”

For those that don’t know, a design sprint was a strategy that was developed by Google Ventures. Typically, businesses go to a design sprint agency for a 5-day process that will allow them to develop a product idea to the final product. The short timeframe ensures they don’t get emotionally attached to an idea. Obviously, we’re not going to get these teenpreneurs to do it for the whole 5 days but our shortened version will allow them to learn everything they need to!

Despite the new material and learning approach, the young aspiring inventors eagerly embraced the entrepreneurial spirit and the BizSmart ZOG values of Zest, Optimism and Grit and jumped right into the challenge. In the short span of 4 hours, innovation teams experienced working in small groups of three, going through the process of analyzing the problem, brainstorming solutions, and designed products that best suited their customers. From hologram projections to phones flying at your eye-level to surround-sound headbands, teen entrepreneurs imagined unique and innovative solutions to the challenge.

Teams competed by pitching their innovations to the BizSmart Global staff. The winning teams were extended special invitations to the 2020 summer sessions in the Silicon Valley at top rated Santa Clara University.

Special thank you to Alicia Hilton of the Cambridge House Community College for hosting us and also Marta Quintana and Louisa Patiño of Valway Company for helping us coordinate and organize this workshop. We look forward to bringing more Silicon Valley thinking to the beautiful city of Valencia and this entrepreneurial enthusiasm and energy to the rest of Spain.

Submitted by Tina Chiang, International Project Manager, BizSmart Global

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