Hot Innovations by Aspiring Entrepreneurs in BizSmart Hottingen, Zurich Workshop

September 30, marked the fifth year in a row, BizSmart Global has brought an innovative Silicon Valley challenge to the Hottingen School in Zurich Switzerland. A special thank you to Nina Reinhart our partner in Switzerland and who helped launch one of the first project-based product design and business plan competitions in Europe. Also, a special thank you to Beda Riklin for being our entrepreneurship ambassador with Hottingen and guiding the day-to-day aspects of the workshop and to the local entrepreneurship coaches Laura Binda, Alexandra Buergler, and Alexander Lutz for bringing their energy, “BizSmarts” and real-world knowledge to the next generation of idea makers and world shakers.

This year business teams chose between three unique technology companies with the Eksobionics Magic Hand case, the PsiBands Autonomous Vehicle case and the Drobots Educational Drone case. The innovation teams had four days to brainstorm solutions, design and improve on their products, ending with a pitch competition on the fifth and final day of the week.

This year’s special guest was entrepreneur, Kevin Mamalis, one of the co-founders of the Swiss-based company, MotionTech which has invented custom 3D printed liners for prosthetic limbs. Kevin and MotionTech work closely, not only with the patients, but with doctors, physical therapists, and insurance companies to create the perfect product to improve patient mobility and daily living. The mini case Kevin presented to the students was based on the interesting challenge of how you market to dramatically different target audiences.

Congratulations to the winning team, Smart Reverso, with their anti-nausea wristband designed with a reversible watch face for both a high-tech features and traditional analog elegance.

Submitted by Tina Chiang, International Project Manager, BizSmart Global
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