Camp BizSmart July 22-Aug 2, 2019 Silicon Valley 1st Place Team – DroBros – BizCase Sponsor: Drobots

Camp BizSmart is pleased to announce the First Place Teams from the 2019 Summer US, North American Entrepreneurship Workshops. Teams of aspiring young change makers age 11 – 15, selected from three great product innovation business cases created with very current and in the news companies: PsiBands, Ekso Bionics and Drobots. Camp BizSmart teams at Santa Clara University and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, designed entirely unique new products for the companies, wrote a business plan, and made an investor pitch to Silicon Valley Sharks at Microsoft. See business cases here:

For nine days future world shakers learn and practice valuable real-world skills by solving actual business problems from hot Silicon Valley companies. On day 10, product design innovation teams present and defend their solutions before a panel of venture capital and angel investors at Microsoft and other premiere companies. Families are invited to the graduation and showcase event on day 10, to observe and celebrate.

July 22-August 4, 2019 at Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA. Camp BizSmart Team: DroBros, was awarded 1st place, with student CEO: Sophie Baglan, CIO/CTO: Connor Sueda, CMO: Anthony Frigo, CFO/CSO Bill Chen, VOC: Patrick Gsu. Their product name is Monarch. Company Biz Case: Drobots Company. Thank you to the Drobots Company CEO, Robert Elwood for working with Camp BizSmart to create a forward looking product innovation case using robotic enabled drones to enhance the learning environment for students. The workshop Director for this team was Marla Zemanek. The competition and Showcase was on Aug 2, at Microsoft, Silicon Valley. Judges were: David Walling, Reginald Benjamin and Peggy Gibbs.

1st place Camp BizSmart Team from the July 22-Aug 2, 2019 Entrepreneur Workshop held at Santa Clara University with Competition at MicrosoftThe Product Innovation Opportunity: Students are not focusing on what is the most important part of being a kid and education: having fun and learning.

The DroBros team product innovation solution: Our product, Monarch, solves this problem by enhancing the school experience while making it enjoyable. The Monarch is a multifunctional teaching tool that provides a hands-on and engaging experience for students in grades 6-12. It does this through providing entertaining and innovative tasks and games for children outside on an educational level. Our drone will connect to the user’s device and will run multiple educational tasks and activities to help with student engagement. In the future, additional programs and apps for the drone will be developed to allow an ever-expanding learning platform. This is beneficial in the long term because it will grow to partner with large software developers. Some of the initial programs will be rudimentary audio recognition programs as well as multiple A/V assisted education tasks. This will affect the classroom in important ways such as heightened student/teacher engagement and a new way to bring the outside world into the classroom. This drone will not only provide an environment for your child where they want to learn but will also give them real-life experience with drones.

Camp BizSmart also honors the student in each entrepreneur workshop who exhibits the greatest level of ZOG – zest, optimism and grit a set of skills that our experience and research has demonstrated is a predictor of success. The student demonstrating the most ZOG was: Anthony Frigo in Marla Zemanek’s Workshop Group of Students and Gavin Janz in Kal Sandhu’s Workshop Group.

One of the Camp BizSmart winning innovation teams will be named the Grand Champion for 2019 and will be honored at the Keiretsu Forum’s Angel Capital Expo held on November 21, 2019 in San Francisco, CA.

Please visit to learn more about the Camp BizSmart and BizSmart Global entrepreneur experiences created specifically for students age 11- to 19 in the United States and at premier education institutions around the world.

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