Camp BizSmart Graduate Starts His Own Education Foundation

Pramukh Bhushan started the ECDE foundation after attending Camp BizSmart in 2018. Pramukh said: “Before the camp, I only had a big vision to help other kids. Camp BizSmart taught me how to convert my vision into reality. For example, in the camp, we created a product and a business plan for a nonprofit called New Story. My experience at Camp BizSmart taught me the skills needed to create your own company. Our team even won first place in the competition.”

Pramukh Bhushan created the ECDE Foundation a nonprofit that helps fund education for kids in developing countries. ECDE Foundation stands for Every-Child-Deserves-Education. The mission at ECDE Foundation is to reach out and help provide education to as many needy kids as possible. UNESCO’s 2017-2018 report says that 264 million kids do not school because they cannot afford it. Their first project involves partnering in India with an institute called Shri Maruthi Seva Kshetra a nonprofit school which gives shelter, feeds, and educates needy children. You can learn more at: learn more at

Pramukh has a very full life. He told Camp BizSmart founder Mike Gibbs that: “I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset. I have looked up to my dad who is a founder and CEO of a business analytics company. I love to watch Shark Tank which is a show where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to investors. When I was in kindergarten, I wanted to open a jewelry shop and even drew sketches. I also play ice hockey on a club team called the Santa Clara Blackhawks. I also love hockey and practice 4-5 times a week. I have won multiple championships as part of Santa Clara Blackhawks.

Pramukh tell us that his experience at Camp BizSmart was a “Game changer.” He says: “Camp BizSmart taught me a lot about entrepreneurship like developing a business plan, marketing strategies, creating a sales pitch, and more. In addition, at Camp BizSmart I acquired life skills like how to persuade others and public speaking. I do not know how I would have created my organization without the skills I learned while at this camp. Camp BizSmart is the most fun and beneficial camp I have been to in my life! At the end of the camp, you feel like you have created your own startup.”

We are very proud of Camp BizSmart graduates and world changers like Pramukh!!! Way to go. If you have a son or daughter who is an idea maker, or you are one yourself go to to sign up

Camp BizSmart is now in its 12th year of delivering hands-on project based, entrepreneur experiences that are designed specifically for young people 11-15 and 16-19 years of age. The Alumni Accelerator and Designathon workshops were created to address the demand from alumni for next level skill development and entrepreneurial experiences.

Strategic Partners are: Keiretsu Forum, Alliance of Chief Executives, Garage Technology Ventures, Alibaba, Microsoft and the Conrad Foundation. Silicon Valley entrepreneurs from leading companies are advisors, mentors and judges. Successful CEO’s From Hot Companies work with Camp BizSmart Founders Dr. Mike Gibbs and Peggy Gibbs, to create next generation business cases to inspire the students at Camp BizSmart.

In 2018, New Story was one of the Product Innovation Business Cases that Camp BizSmart students worked on in teams to create product innovation solutions.  New Story’s business case as well as the mentoring received at Camp BizSmart, inspired Pramukh to create his education foundation to help other students have an opportunity of a great education. Good work Pramukh!

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