Why Critical Thinking Skills Are Essential for Success in Life and Business


This is the first blog in a series about the seven essential skills for success in life and in this competitive business environment. In business, there are lots of factors that create success, these include things like business plans, investors, and employee satisfaction. A lot of small businesses tend to forget about the last one, whilst they are trying to build their empire, but this is a very important factor. An incentive to work for a lot of employees is their benefits and PTO, but what is PTO? It stands for ‘Paid Time Off’ and is a great way for staff to feel valued and want to stay and work with the company, in which they are currently employed.

    Once the business has got its foundations it is then time to look for other methods to implement success within their company. This is where critical thinking skills come into play:

      The Camp BizSmart, Learn by Doing Model came from the founders’ experience developing executives at Fortune 500 companies like General Electric ( when Jack Welch was at the helm) and Texas Instruments. The unique, “Learn-Do-Coach-Act” curriculum links real world business projects to attaining valuable skills, insights and inspirations that will fuel a lifetime of achievement and success. After 12 years of teaching leading edge skills and abilities to thousands of young aspiring entrepreneurs coached by top notch Silicon Valley company executives Camp BizSmart researchers have found that seven key abilities make the difference between success and failure in the development of the generation of idea makers and world shakers. The first essential skill is:

      Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
      Analytical and innovative thinking skills are widely recognized as the great divide between high performance leaders and just average followers. Terrific problem solvers like former Apple CEO Steve Jobs are not afraid to take calculated risks and ask “why not”. There are also lots of different techniques you can use to help solve problems. For example, many businesses use A3 software to help teams solve problems faster, calculate the impact of improvement, and learn from prior projects. You can learn more about this here. /

      Why Critical Thinking and Healthy Skepticism Is Important to Developing Great Problem Solving Skills:

      In Weekend Briefing by Kyle Westaway, he mentions, an article in Fatherly, written by Lizzie Francis , “How to raise a kid with Critical Thinking Skills, (but not an anxious mess). Kyle, shares this summary: “Focus on skepticism and critical thinking. Kids who are able to engage in critical thinking often think through the consequences of their actions before they do anything drastic. They’re also more willing to consider if the things they encounter might be unsafe or the things that they hear could even be incorrect, leading them to be independent thinkers who want to figure out the truth for themselves.”

      At Camp BizSmart students are given business cases from successful companies, that challenge them to create product innovations to solve problems that exist in the world. They work in teams to brainstorm and to create their solution to the objectives and requirements of the business case. Throughout the process they acquire and increase their critical thinking skills using the learn – do -coach -act learning model.

      Perhaps, in time they can also be given training for the SSCP exam and similar other exams that can help them in dealing with risk identification, incident response and recovery, and more. These certifications might help them polish their skills and secure their position as valuable assets in an organization.

      Here is an illustration of the steps and some of the questions asked in the process of solving a problem:

      Camp BizSmart is now in its 12th year of delivering hands-on project based, entrepreneur experiences that are designed specifically for young people 11-15 and 16-19 years of age. The Alumni Accelerator and Designathon workshops were created to address the demand from alumni for next level skill development and entrepreneurial experiences.

      Strategic Partners are: Keiretsu Forum, Alliance of Chief Executives, Garage Technology Ventures, Alibaba, Microsoft and the Conrad Foundation. Silicon Valley entrepreneurs from leading companies are advisors, mentors and judges.

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