Camp BizSmart announces a Tesla, Apple, Uber, self-driving car – autonomous vehicle product innovation business case

“The next generation of world shakers at Camp BizSmart 2019 will have the opportunity to design an out-of-the-box, totally new and innovative device for the cool California Coast company Psi Bands to improve the ride for people taking autonomous vehicles (AV’s) from one place to another. The device will give passengers more control over the ride, reduce car sickness, ( a major problem for riders in AV’s) and collect data to give customers for cars made by Tesla, Apple and Uber a more informed choice about which AV provides the safest, stress-free, comfortable ride. With a new fleet of vehicles like this, management of them will need to be detailed and constantly looked at to make sure that everything is in working order for customers to use. Software for fleet management can be found with this link over at and may be the right way for a company like this to go if they want to incorporate risk management and safety of these vehicles. Check out the Camp BizSmart 2019 Business Innovation Case which is sure to help change the way people think about driverless cars. To apply to work on this case with young entrepreneurs from all over the world go to


Founded in 2008, Camp BizSmart delivers hands-on project based, entrepreneur experiences that are designed specifically for aspiring young entrepreneurs 11-15 and 16-19 years of age. Strategic Partners are: Keiretsu Forum, Alliance of Chief Executives, Garage Technology Ventures, Alibaba, Microsoft and the Conrad Foundation. and numerous Silicon Valley entrepreneurs from leading companies who are advisors, mentors and judges.


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