Taking great ideas to scale to do great things – with tenacious optimism!

Andy Kessler wrote for the Wall Street Journal the following about using scale to solve problems:” It’s time to stop doing the one-off two step and time to scale up.”  So what is scale? Mr. Kessler says, “It’s the concept of taking a small idea and finding ways to implement it for thousands, or millions, or even billions. Without scale, ideas are no more than hot air. Stop doing the one-off two-step. It’s time to scale up.”

Camp BizSmart students are inspired by great companies who are scaling big ideas to make big impacts. They are changing how we address big issues going forward.  Now, that’s a really big deal.

I had the privilege to work for some amazing companies in my career and in my position of business development, work with CEO visionaries and partners that brought expertise and funding to create game-changing solutions to big problems.  It is a real privilege to have had this experience and it touches your soul deeply to see the enormous impact that these solutions have.

The 2018 Camp BizSmart Theme is: “Optimism – Expect to make a difference.” You might call this, “Tenacious Optimism”.  

Have you heard of the 3D House?

The 3D House is mentioned in Mr. Kessler’s column as an example of great ideas taken to scale to do great things. Here is what he says: “Don’t build temporary shelters. Figure out how to 3-D print real homes quickly and cheaply.” “That’s scale.”  Camp BizSmart is honored to be working with New Story, the company who came up with the 3D House.  You can read about the New Story Product Innovation Case on our website.  I will also share more in the next blog. Check out how to join us this summer,  you won’t want to miss this, I guarantee you will be inspired to do great things too!

Learn about all Camp BizSmart Product Innovation Business Cases for 2018 go to:https://campbizsmart.org/our-camps/upcoming-programs/camp-bizsmart-10-day/   Want to create product innovations that will have big impact?  See how you can apply to attend Camp BizSmart and get be part of creating something big! Visit us at https://campbizsmart.org



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