A Champion Mindset – What the Olympics Showcase and How Camp BizSmart Develops Champions

There are many things in life that we can’t control and that we don’t know yet. If you believe that any of us will only rise as high as our confidence level, than let me share a secret from Vince Lombardi. “All confidence is about how you approach the unknowable.” Lombardi also says, “Each of us must determine exactly how we will approach this unknowable part of life.” Many will approach it with fear and caution. Some will try to ignore it. Champions, however approach the unknowable with confidence and faith that they will find a way forward.

Darrin Donnelly in his book, Think Like A Warrior, says it like this: “The fastest and easiest way to build confidence is through preparation. If you put in the work, study and sacrifice necessary to be successful at something, you will have a huge advantage over those not willing to pay the price.” He goes on to say, “To be confident at a task you must know you have done everything possible to prepare. Then, raise the bar on your expectations for yourself and your team as this will allow you to gain more confidence as you see what you were able to accomplish by challenging yourself to reach high.”

At Camp BizSmart we have high expectations of our students knowing they have high expectations for themselves. In addition, we provide an opportunity to gain confidence through experience as students take on creating an innovation with a team.

Cool CEO’s from Hot Companies who have been successful in their endeavors provide real-life examples about how they navigated uncertainty and achieved success.

The Camp BizSmart US 2018 Grand Champions at the Keiretsu Angel Capital Expo, Nov. 2017

At Camp BizSmart Classic students 11-15 years of age, join a unique 10-day experience full of fun and learning. Students focus on a team-based, hands-on product design and a business plan challenge specifically designed by the CEOs and founders of some of the hottest start ups in Silicon Valley. Students will defend their solutions to a panel of top executives and angel investors at Microsoft. The top team out of all locations will be recognized at an annual angel capital expo sponsored by the Keiretsu Forum. summer for one of our Camp BizSmart or BizSmart Global workshops and let us help you develop your championship mindset. Summer 2018 US dates are: June 18-29; June 24-July 7; July 8-21; and July 22-August 4, 2018 in Silicon Valley, CA. An addition session runs June 17-30 in Chattanooga, TN.

BizSmart Alumni Accelerator, self-motivated and directed “idea makers and world shakers” age 12 – 16 will test their entrepreneurial ability and start-up knowledge in real-world, “pop-up” simulations to bring their product to life and push their dreams into reality. Camp BizSmart Alums who are 12-16 years of age will take their product innovation through the prototype stage to a tradeshow to see how well their idea resonates with consumers. Join us on July 22-Aug 4th to take your skills to the next level. If you’re planning to participate, remember all promotional materials and even booth designs such as a trade show banner and other advertising methods.

The Teen Designathon for teens 16-19, is a unique one-week workshop at “Best in the West”, Santa Clara University in the heart of Silicon Valley. Bring your own idea or select an amazing and epic team full of elite aspiring entrepreneurs. Compete for start-up money and create an eye popping and explosive Crowdfunding video to launch your team’s cool new invention like an Elon Musk rocket! This workshop is on July 15-21.

Let this be your championship summer – join us – we can’t wait to meet you!

All of our sessions fill quickly so apply now to have your choice of dates, location and workshop details. See www.campbizsmart.org to sign up today.

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