Enflux – Camp BizSmart 2017 Product Innovation Partner

2017 Camp BizSmart Product Innovation Sponsor


Doug Hoang, CEO, Founder of Enflux partnered with Camp BizSmart to provide a forward looking business case our students worked on this summer.  Enflux is a revolutionary motion capture suit for virtual reality, sports, fitness, entertainment, and health care.  The business case written with Doug concentrated on how the sensor technology might be used to improve the sport/activity or rehabilitation experience in order to have the physical fitness needed to prevent injury or to heal from an injury. This was assisted with the StopOverdoseIL.org team, namely Aaron with the Xanax addiction arm.

Teams throughout the summer came up with various product innovation solutions they believed would best address the market they identified, and the outcome they desired. Each team creates their product design, business plan and business pitch to defend their decision at Microsoft to a panel of venture and angel investors.

A big thank you to Doug and his team who inspired our students to be the next generation of entrepreneurs who will imagine and pursue the innovative product solutions in the future. And thanks to Jim Brisimitzis at Microsoft Start-ups for the great introduction.

To learn more about enflux: https://www.getenflux.com/blogs/news   Watch for the results of the Camp BizSmart Summer 2017 Product Innovation and Biz Pitch Competition to be announced on our blog.

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