Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute – 2017 Camp BizSmart Innovation Case

“Next-Gen” Easy to use, Freshwater Quality Tracker to measure freshwater quality fast and accurately”

Camp BizSmart is exited to announce the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute, on the campus of the prestigious Baylor School, is a 2017 Camp BizSmart Product Innovation Partner.  Working together with scientists at the Institute, Camp BizSmart have created an opportunity for the next generation of idea makers and world shakers to create first fresh water quality monitoring device with blue tooth capability to send just in time water quality data to the cloud.

Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute on Baylor School Campus


Problem Statement
In 2012, consumers in the United States spent an estimated $82.6 billion on seafood, making the U.S. one of the top three seafood markets worldwide. Yet the domestic farm value of aquaculture products only approaches $1.3 billion annually. Thus, much of the U.S. demand is supplied by international imports. Consumer demand for fish continues to climb, especially in affluent nations, which in 2014 imported 63% of all fish products. Global consumption of seafood has increased by 21% since 1991. But levels of fish catches in the wild have remained roughly stable since the mid-1990s, close to 90-93 million tons annually; increasing reliance on aquaculture. And it’s not just about seafood; fish is an ingredient in pet food, health supplements, fishmeal and many non-food products manufactured on a global scale. The UN predicts another 2 billion people will join the world’s population within 20 years. Add to this the surge in consumption that is expected as the world’s emerging economies develop and expand, and it is clear that pressure on seafood resources will increase. One of the barriers preventing aquaculture production facilities from helping to reduce dependence on wild caught seafood is the lack of an affordable multi-parameter water quality probe.

The Challenge: Camp BizSmart students will create a QualTracker design and basic physical prototype to illustrate a solution to track water quality parameters. It must be simple to use and can provide the real time information, operational interface and security that the consumer needs. Identify why the data collected is useful and beneficial beyond personal use and how that might strengthen the TNACI strategy for dramatically improving freshwater quality around the world.

Students who attend the Camp BizSmart session at Baylor School in Chattanooga, TN,  this  June, will work in teams and have the first opportunity to create their version of the QualTracker.  The top student from the Baylor School Camp BizSmart session will be awarded a tuition scholarship to attend the Camp BizSmart Alumni Accelerator at Stanford University.  For more information about Camp BizSmart please visit: www.campbizsmart.org

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