Energy Efficiency – Building a Clean, Secure Economy by James Sweeney

It is a pleasure to announce this new book by James Sweeney, a valued advisor and sponsor of Camp BizSmart and BizSmart Global programs at Stanford University. Energy Efficiency, Building a Clean, Secure Economy, was published by the Hoover Institution Press at Stanford University. Jim details “the impact of new and improved energy-efficient technologies, the environmental and national security benefits of energy efficiency, ways to amplify energy efficiency, and more.”

Jim is a professor of management science and engineering at Stanford University, director of the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center, a senior fellow of the Hoover Institution, the Stanford Institute for Energy, the US Association for Energy Economics, and the California Council on Science and Technology. I mention all of this to make it clear that he has the grasp and network to provide great insight into how energy efficiency contributions impact three critical systems: the economy, the environment, and national security.

Having energy-efficient solutions around the home not only goes some way to saving the planet, but it also helps to save the homeowner money too. Out of the money-saving methods a homeowner could employ, using energy plan comparison sites is amongst the most popular. It’s as simple as comparing something like Pulse Power Texas plans, for example, against your existing ones to see which of the two is offering the most competitive rates. This can then inform your decision of whether to switch or not. In conjunction with energy-efficient solutions, this can save the homeowner money that can be better spent elsewhere.

We are honored to have such an esteemed expert as our sponsor at Stanford and celebrate the publication of Jim’s book. Each year Camp BizSmart has at least one energy efficient business product case. We believe this topic is provides many entrepreneurial insights that drive innovation and learning.

Previous Camp BizSmart Product Innovation Company Partners with an energy efficiency focus include: Serious Materials, Hara, d light designs, Xicato, Tigo, Vintage Electric Bikes, Zero MotorCycles, and HydroVolts.

If you know of a great energy efficiency company that we should consider for a product innovation case, we invite you to contact us at Camp BizSmart .


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