Camp BizSmart announces Student Team Atmoband, with Innovation Partner Atmotube as 1st place team for July 4-15, 2016 session

The July 4-15, 2016 Camp BizSmart student team Atmoband, was named the first place winning team out of all of the other teams who participated at this session run at Santa Clara University.  Team Atmoband choose the innovation product case to solve that was created by Innovation Partner, Atmotube and CEO, Founder, Vera Kozyr.  They created an easy-to use personal air pollution monitor in the form of a wristband.  The wristband will display the level of air quality and the time.  The original product developed by Atmotube, was a personal air pollution monitor in the form of a small tube that connects to a belt loop or other personal article.

Students on team Atmoband were: CEO, R.J. Faltinsky; CFO, Max Stengel; CMO/VOC, Nirmik Tambe; CTO, Anh Nguyen; CSO, Beatrice Mihalache; CIO, Anushka Narasani.  The students chose to address the problem of air pollution that can cause and worsen many chronic and serious illnesses.  They came up with a wristband design following a survey that showed a preference for this design over the original.  Judges for this July 14th, competition at Microsoft Silicon Valley were: Bill Reichert, of Garage technology Ventures, Menko Deroos, CEO  of Xicato, Brian Gorbett, Microsoft, and Lars Barford, CEO,Vapore.

Atmotube 4 Final SC1

Product Innovation Design Created by Team Atmoband

Team Atmoband, sponsored by Camp BizSmart Innovation Partner, Atmotube, on stage at Microsoft

Team Atmoband, sponsored by Camp BizSmart Innovation Partner, Atmotube, on stage at Microsoft


Judges, left to right, Bill Reichert, Menko Deroos, Brian Gorbett and Lars Barford at Micrsoft SV.

In addition to the 1st place team award a student is recognized for have the entrepreneurial qualities of ZOG: Zest, Optimism and Grit.  The student who stood out above all others at this session was Emilie Joyaud, pictured below.


ZOG winner Emilie Joyaud, surrounded by Marla Zemanek, Camp BizSmart Camp Director and the Camp BizSmart Santa Clara session staff.

There were five Camp BizSmart competitions held during Summer 2016 in Silicon Valley.  In addition to Vera Koyzr, CEO and Founder, at Atmotube, other Innovation Partners providing business cases were: Ebbe Altberg, CEO, Linden Labs, Project Sansar; David Cannington, Cofounder and COO, Nuheara; and T.J. Scimone, CEO, Founder, Slice. This was the second of five competitions.

Watch the Camp BizSmart blog for the announcement of the other 1st place winners.  The final Grand Champion for SV 2016 will be announced soon.  The Grand Champion will be honored at the Keiretsu Forum’s Angel Capital Expo in November 2016.

For more informati0n on this and all Camp BizSmart programs please visit our website: Camp BizSmart was founded in 2007 and has been providing hands-on project based business and entrepreneurship skill development since 2008.


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