RecoverLight, Sponsored by Xicato, is named Camp BizSmart 1st place winner for the July 6-17, 2015 session at Stanford

Camp BizSmart is pleased to announce RecoverLight, as the first place team for the July 6-17, 2015 business and entrepreneur academy at Stanford University.  The student team pictured below consists of: Haley Jeffers, CEO; Ethan Zhang, CIO; Julia Segal, CSO; Suzanna Wang, CTO; Elizabeth Fu, CMO; Jeffrey Chen, CFO; and Anchita Bora, CVOC.  The competition was held at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley headquarters. Camp BizSmart is a business and entrepreneurship academy that operates at premiere organizations and brings industry experts to mentor young aspiring entrepreneurs as they create real world product innovations to solve customer needs.

In addition, Camp BizSmart recruits CEOs from leading companies to provide business cases that state a problem and challenge the student teams to create a new product innovation and business strategy to address this need.  Three company CEOs provided business cases this summer, Menko Deroos of Xicato, Jason Fass of ZEPP Labs, and Stanley Yang of NeuroSky.

Xicato Sponsored RecoverLight wins 1st place for Camp BizSmart July 6-17, 2015 session

Xicato Sponsored RecoverLight wins 1st place for Camp BizSmart July 6-17, 2015 session Students were given the Brian Grazer book, ” A Curious Mind”

Xicato CEO, Menko Deroos challenged the students to use Xicato intelligent LED light sources to create the next product innovation in patient room lighting to improve the healing environment, by supporting patient comfort and staff performance with light that adapts to individual needs. The RecoverLight team had to meet the following objectives: dramatically improve patient observation and monitoring as well as simple medical procedures; enhance rest and recovery; simulate patient’s natural biorhythms; incorporate current technologies such as blue tooth and i-beacon location capabilities; provide smart technology communication for the lights; allow hands free operation; provide targeted, directional light that focuses only on the spot needed; work with or without a hardwired electrical connection.

Team RecoverLight meeting the judges

Team RecoverLight meeting the judges: Matt Cresci, John Butler, Dan Miller, Brett Cameto, and Paul Witkay.

The esteemed judges for this competition were: Paul Witkay, CEO, Alliance of Chief Executives; Brett Cameto, Sr. VP, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management; Dan Miller, Angel Investor and Keiretsu Forum Member; John Butler, CEO, Revenue Factors, and Matt Cresci, 2008 Camp BizSmart Alum and CEO of the winning team that presented in New York on stage at the Nokia Theatre for the World Innovation Forum.  The founders of Camp BizSmart felt that Matt would lend a great perspective that would be beneficial addition to the panel and the other judges agreed.

Pitching the product benefits for RecoverLight onstage at Microsoft

Pitching the product benefits for RecoverLight onstage at Microsoft

RecoverLight is a new and innovative light fixture for use in hospitals.  Scientific research shows that light has a large impact on our mood, and our overall well-being.  Utilizing this research, RecoverLight adjusts the dimness and temperature of overhead lights according to the patient’s heart rate.  By toning down the lights when the patient is tired and brightening them when the patient is alert, they believe their technology solution will greatly improve the patient’s comfort and satisfaction during their hospital stay.  In addition, they presented the potential savings to hospitals to their energy bills by using lights only when needed and at the level best suited to the situation.  In the middle of the fixture is an extendable adjustable light which shines a cold spotlight for the hospital staff to easily examine the patient.  The students also made it possible for these features to be controlled by touch-free motion gestures to maximize hygiene and convenience in the patient room.

Camp BizSmart has an Entrepreneur of the Year Award that is given to the student who best exemplifies the values of Camp BizSmart which are character, courage and citizenship while also exhibiting the personal attributes of zest, optimism and grit.  Catherine Tanidjaja was awarded this honor and is pictured below with Elian Savodivker,  Camp BizSmart Workshop Director for Stanford University sessions.

Entrepreneur of the Year, Catherine Tanidjaja with Workshop Director, Elian Savodivker

Entrepreneur of the Year, Catherine Tanidjaja with Workshop Director, Elian Savodivker

This was the second Camp BizSmart Summer 2015 competition in Silicon Valley which was held at Microsoft Headquarters in Mountain View, CA. Thanks to Microsoft Ventures, and specifically General Manager, Jim Brisimitzis and Brett Laffel for sponsoring Camp BizSmart business and product design competitions and graduations which support and inspire our young entrepreneurs.

July 6-17, 2015 Camp BizSmart Alums at Microsoft

July 6-17, 2015 Camp BizSmart Alums at Microsoft

Watch our blogs to learn who will be the first place team and entrepreneur of the year for the upcoming July 13-24 and July 27-Aug 7, 2015 Camp BizSmart sessions. Learn more about Camp BizSmart programs at  Camp BizSmart is sponsored at Stanford University by James Sweeney, Dir. of the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center and a Professor of Engineering.

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