Camp BizSmart Announces 3 COOL 2015 Biz Case Sponsors from Hot Companies, ZEPP Labs, XICATO and NeuroSky

This summer, students who are 11-15 years of age and have applied to attend the two week session of Camp BizSmart, will have the opportunity to work with very cool CEO’s from hot companies to create a new product innovation to solve a major problem sponsored by one of three great companies, ZEPP Labs, XICATO and NeuroSky.    Following are the 3 big problems Camp BizSmart students will select from to work with executive roles in teams to design their innovative product solution.

The three business cases  to solve this year are impressive and provide great opportunity to demonstrate the value that new innovation can bring to: reducing injury and enjoying sports more;  speeding healing and lessening pain for patients in hospitals; and helping teens focus and manage stress and relax  effectively to take control of their lives and choices.   All are current important topics with multiple solutions for creative teams to compete to come up with the best product innovation of the summer. Read on to get an overview of the 3 business cases:

ZEPP Labs Business Case: In the US 30 million children and teens participate in some form of organized sports, and there are 3.5 million injuries each year which cause student athletes to lose playing time. Almost one third of all injuries are sports-related injuries. Opportunity: Over 50% of all sports injuries in youth are preventable.

Hunter Pe3nce using ZEPP sensor technology

Hunter Pe3nce using ZEPP sensor technology






Jason Fass, CEO ZEPP Labs







Jason Fass, CEO of ZEPP Labs has challenged the students to use the ZEPP Labs motion sensor technology, to develop a wearable device   monitored by a smart device app to  help prevent injury and keep athletes age 8-18 in the sports they love.  Student teams will choose a sport and identify a common sports injury that is causing athletes a significant loss in participation time.  The product solution should reduce injuries by 50%.  Students who have completed registration for one of Camp BizSmart’s sessions will be able to download the full business case to review by June 3rd, 2015.

XICATO Business Case: Patients in an average hospital room are exposed to so little light during the day that their bodies cannot adopt a normal sleep-awake cycle.  Researchers foiund the lowest levels of daytime light exposure were tied to more pain and fatigue and a poor mood and slower healing.  Opportunity: Light has an amazing effect on people. Used effectively in healthcare facilities, it can enhance healing, lessen pain, increase quality of sleep and positive mood.

Xicato Lighting example

Xicato Lighting example








photo-Menko Deroos pic

Menko Deroosw, CEO, cofounder, XICATO







Menko Deroos, CEO and Co-founder, has challenged the students to use and build upon the XICATO intelligent LED lighting sources, to create patient room lighting to improve the healing environment and adapt to their individual needs.   Students will design a smart light for patient hospital room use that will dramatically improve patient rest and recovery as well as patient observation and monitoring, examination and simple procedures.  The full business case with all details and objectives will be available to students who have completed the application process by June 3, 2015 to download.

NeuroSky Business Case: Teens across the USA are feeling high levels of stress that negatively affect every aspect of their lives, a new national survey suggest.   Findings suggest that unhealthy behaviors associated with stress start early and continue through adulthood. Only about 37% of teens surveyed exercise or walk to manage stress; 28% play sports. Many more choose less healthy activities including playing video games 46% and spending time online 43%.   Opportunity:  Learning how to focus and direct your mind to do your best on a task as well as to learn ways to relax and refresh are important ingredients of success and ultimately control over your choices.   Biosensor solutions capture, measure and give us unique health and wellness insights to monitor and improve performance of body and mind


NeuroSky biosensor with display example







Stanley Yang, CEO NeuroSky

Stanley Yang, CEO NeuroSky







Stanley Yang, CEO, NeuroSky, has challenged the students to use NeuroSky’s  ECG based biosensors to design a new wearable device which can calculate heart rate and heart rate variability with NeuroSky’s  stress algorithm. The purpose is to provide an enjoyable way for 11-18 year olds to learn the physical state in which they individually focus best and relax best so that it is possible to practice and return to this state as needed for best personal benefit and wellbeing. The full business case is available to students who have completed their registration to a Camp BizSmart 2015 session to review by June 3, 2015.

Camp BizSmart is a business and entrepreneur academy for young aspiring entrepreneurs.  Sessions for 11-15 year olds and 16-19 year olds are available throughout the summer in Silicon Valley at Stanford University, Santa Clara University and at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s Conference Center in San Mateo, CA.  Students have the unique opportunity of solving real world business problems provided by Cool CEO’s of Hot Companies. Students in teams are mentored by  industry experts and staff who guide them with just in time hands-on learning needed to develop the skills needed to create a product design solution and basic physical prototype, then write a business plan and presentation that they will pitch in competition at Microsoft to investors.  This learning experience has been likened to the best internship within a company that a student could hope to achieve. Over the two week period dozens of well known entrepreneurs will coach the students on the secrets to success that are applicable in school, preparing for a career and throughout life. Students from the local area, all over the US and the world attend which makes for an international experience just as they will encounter in college and the work world. Limited residential is available at Santa Clara University and Stanford University.

This popular entrepreneur academy has added sessions to meet the high demand and is still nearly at full capacity.  Students interested in attending should sign up today before while there are still a few seats left!   To learn more or to sign up today,  visit



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