Cool CEO’s and Hot Companies Inspire Young Entrepreneurs

Marty Reed_Bill Reicher_Harry Motro_ Camp BizSmart Judges June 27 2014

Cool Entrepreneurs Marty Reed, Bill Reichert & Harry Motro

Is it possible for a person to develop skills and attitudes that will help them succeed as an entrepreneur or great business executive?  And, if so, how would you go about it?  Here is the recipe that I recommend:

First, let’s start with the old adage that anything worth doing is worth doing well. Then get ready for a challenge that will be followed by a payoff directly in relation to the amount of elbow grease, creativity, and stick-to-it-ness, and care that you put into this recipe.  Now for the secret ingredients:

Take 1 young person, 11-18 who is curious and likes to solve problems, and is willing to work hard.

Add in 6 team mates who each have their own passion for solving problems and learning new things and who are also willing to work hard.

Stir to mix in the special spices of their unique talents and strengths noting this new combination makes something that none of them could have created on their own.

Wise, and well seasoned mentors, are needed to oversee and inspire the 7 students to assure they take their new innovation as far as possible to make it one of a kind innovation by drawing upon just in time learning, product development and business strategy as they prepare to compete with their peers on other teams.

Additional experienced mentors will listen to the presentations of the teams and provide insight into how well each team creatively solved their problem and clearly pitched their product innovation and go to market strategy.

How do you create an entrepreneur or great business executive?  You give them a very yeasty opportunity to solve real world problems while gaining essential skills and while working with Cool CEO’s and Hot Companies.

Enjoy the Cool CEO’s Hot Companies video on Camp BizSmart’s website which was produced at Stanford University.  The video features the founders from Revolights and Vintage Electric Bikes who provided business problems for our students to compete to create the best solution. In addition, you will also hear from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and visionaries who provide great inspiration and mentoring to our Camp BizSmart students.

Camp BizSmart is known for entrepreneur and business programs for 11-15 yr olds, but be sure to watch our website for information on a special session created especially for teens 16-18yrs. This exciting new hands on innovation program will launch this summer 2015 on July 6-10 at Stanford University.  Save the date –you won’t want to miss it!

Top 2014 Camp BizSmart Team - RevoArc

Top 2014 Camp BizSmart Team – RevoArc on stage at the Keiretsu Angel Capital Expo on Nov 20, 2014, with Randy Williams, Keiretsu CEO and Founder; Sonja Markova, Keiretsu Member and Camp BizSmart Advisor, and Kent Frankovich, Revolights CEO and Founder, Camp Bizsmart Business case sponsor  for 2014


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