Announcing Camp BizSmart’s Top Team for 2014: RevoArc sponsored by Revolights

Well it is official, out of the top three teams who earned first place in each of the three Camp BizSmart product design and business plan competitions held at Microsoft Silicon Valley this summer, the team that captured the top team ranking is: RevoArc.

IMG_6961 Revo Arc team.IMG_6962 revo arc - can you believe itIMG_7224 Revo Arc 1st place

 Revolights Revo Arc Team pictured above: Krithika Veerappan, CEO; Bryant Gavello, CSO; Aidan Cullen, VOC; Jeffrey Liu, CIO; Ethan Hwang, CMO; Laila Del Rosario, CTO; and Allen Yao, CIO; during the competition at Microsoft, then getting a big reaction out of judge Bill Reichert who is sitting with other judges, John Butler and Marty Reed;  and then receiving their 1st place certificates at the August 8, 2014 awards ceremony with Camp BizSmart Camp Director, Bryan Cockel, and Facilitator Lilly Tatka.

Following the third competition for Camp BizSmart’s four  sessions held this summer at Stanford University and Silicon Valley Community Foundation on June 16-27, and at Stanford University on July 7-18 and also on July 28-Aug 8, the judges and Revolights founders carefully reviewed the three, first place teams’ presentations, product design solution and business plan and selected Revo Arc as the overall top team for 2014.

Camp BizSmart Judges and Revolights Founders provided the following reasons for selecting Revo Arc as their Top Team:

  • Bold vision… every parent needs one!
  • Really like the unique logo, with one suggestion, that they adjust the color choice of blue however
  • Complimentary extension and potential fit with the Revolights brand
  • Cool that they added a tag line as well, “Safely Stroll at Night”
  • Up sell of the smart phone app, provides added value
  • Good pricing model, setup for distribution building at 25% the MSRP
  • Creative marketing, “Stroll Safe”
  • Like the IP strategy discussion, deciding on design patent
  • Use of Disney World as a beta test was a creative marketing strategy that made a lot of sense

So what happens next?  This team has earned the honor of being invited to the Keiretsu Forum‘s Angel Capital Expo on November 20, 2014. The Expo will take place in Mountain View, CA at the Microsoft Corporation.  The students will have the opportunity to observe entrepreneurs presenting to a room full of angel investors and venture capitalists.  What a terrific way to see how executives pitch their visionary ideas and how they showcase their company and products at their exhibit booths throughout the day.

The Keiretsu Forum is a strategic partner of Camp BizSmart.  Sonja Markova, Managing Director is a Camp BizSmart Advisor.  Sonja and Keiretsu Founder and CEO Randy Williams have been supporters of Camp BizSmart since 2008.  Thank you for making this unique opportunity available to our winning team to extend and expand their learning about starting companies and pitching business ideas and products to gain mentors and investment.

A special thank you to Revolights Founders, Kent Frankovich and Adam Pettler who met with all sessions of Camp BizSmart students to charge them with the business case objectives just as if they worked within their company.  Camp BizSmart students listened to Kent and Adam share their Revolights journey including how they came to be, their use of Kickstarter and their appearance on the Shark Tank. Following this, they met with the students to discuss the objective and challenge student teams embrace which is creating a new product innovation to address a new market opportunity. Camp BizSmart is especially grateful to Sonja Markova for introducing us to Kent and Adam.  The Keiretsu Forum had screened and worked with Kent and Adam and knew they would indeed provide a great example for our young students to learn from and work with.

IMG_5865 Kent and Adam Closeup time

Camp BizSmart is the only entrepreneur business academy where young people ages 11-15  work alongside successful company founders and create a product design solution to meet and exceed the objectives of the business case they are provided.  Working in teams and taking on executive roles, students experience what it is like to work within a company on a project team that has been tasked with creating a new innovative product that will address the customers needs and successfully go up against any competitors currently in the market or that might enter in the future.

The students who attend Camp BizSmart have a keen interest in knowing how products are created and how they are taken to market.  In the process of creating their product solution, they develop their critical thinking and problem solving, as well as their collaboration and leadership skills.  Silicon Valley executives and entrepreneurs share lessons learned from their entrepreneurial journey and provide just in time hands-on experiential learning that culminates in a product design and business plan competition.

Industrial design company, WAGIC, brings industrial designers to sit with the student teams and discuss their illustrations and product innovations.  The WAGIC designers then draw upon the students sketches and concepts to turn them into full color renderings the students will use in their final presentation. Pictured below is RevoArc team with WAGIC designer, Bihn Tran and Facilitator Lilly Tatka at Camp BizSmart, Stanford University, July 16, 2014.

1st place top team 2014 Revo Arc with Bihn Tran Wagic Designer and Lilly Facilitator at Stanford

Each year, two successful, in the news early stage companies with cool entrepreneur founders are recruited to provide business case objectives for new product innovations that Camp BizSmart students use while creating their solutions during the 10 day session. If you are interested in becoming a business case sponsor, or know of one you wish to nominate to be considered,send us a message on our Contact Us page in the Camp BizSmart website.  For Summer 2014 our business case sponsors were Revolights and Vintage Electric.

Founded in 2008, Camp BizSmart has had the privilege of working with hundreds of aspiring young entrepreneurs over these 7 years.  Dr. Mike Gibbs, CEO and Founder of Camp BizSmart puts it this way, “We continue to be energized and impressed by the students work ethic, passion for learning and developing their skills, and their persistence, creativity and grit. We look forward to the real world solutions they will create to the challenges they will face in the future.” 

Thanks to our Strategic Partners: Microsoft SV, Keiretsu Forum, WAGIC, Garage Technology Ventures, The Alliance of Chief Executives, Piggybackr, and Jim Sweeney Director of the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center at Stanford University; Company Business Case Sponsors: Revolights and Vintage Electric, and Entrepreneurs and Industry Leaders: Kevin Surace, Dr. Ellen Pieterse, Amir Patel, Jason Li  and Keenan Jung; and Judges, Marty Reed, Harry Motro, Bill Reichert, John Bulter and Paul Witkay – for inspiring the hundreds of Camp BizSmart 2014 aspiring young entrepreneurs!

Want to be part of Camp BizSmart next Summer?  We fill up quickly, so fill out an application early to attend one of our sessions in June, July and August 2015.

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