Camp BizSmart Offers Rare Opportunity to Work With and Learn From Successful Company Founders

Have you ever wished you could talk to a successful founder to learn how they brought their product idea to market?  Have you wondered how to meet successful entrepreneurs or to snag an internship at great company to acquire experience and develop essential marketable skills?

We know from parents, friends and colleagues that many of you have wished for just this opportunity and yet found it to be elusive.

Camp BizSmart students gain hands on insight into how business problems are solved and how product ideas get to market from company founders.  Before creating Camp BizSmart with my partner, I was a business development executive in several great companies including Stanford Children’s Hospital and Benetech. I know firsthand that there is nothing better than working alongside a great executive team led by an inspirational and innovative CEO/Founder.   A special shout out to two Bay Area leaders I had the great fortune to work for and learn from, Chris Dawes at Stanford Children’s and to Jim Fruchterman at Benetech.  I am honored to have been a part of many game changing ideas that provided great value in the marketplace for the customers each was designed to address.

Dr. Mike Gibbs, CEO and Founder of Camp BizSmart, has worked as an industrial psychologist for many companies like General Electric helping legendary CEO Jack Welch train and identify high performing executives and companies all over the world.  As a consultant, Dr. Gibbs has worked with top organizations in twenty five countries helping executives and companies and high performing teams design and implement world class business processes.

Mike during Camp BizSmart web pic

Students acquire and practice essential skills using the unique project based learning model called “Learn-Do-Check-Act” developed by the Camp BizSmart founders. Students work in teams to solve a real world business problem provided by successful. “in-the-news” company founders.  The executives inspire students by interacting directly with them while they work to solve, support and defend a business problem that has been created just for them by the company founders with input from the Camp BizSmart founders.  This summer, Kent Frankovich CEO and CoFounder with Adam Petler from Revolights having created a remarkable lighting device that has become the premiere safety standard for bikes, will come to Camp BizSmart to ask the students to create a lighting solution for jogging strollers that will dramatically increase the safety of  parents and their children. Did you see Kent on Shark Tank?

Kent Frankowich, Revolight Co Founder

Kent Frankowich, Revolight Co Founder

Andrew Davidge, CEO, Founder of Vintage Electric Bikes, will be at Camp BizSmart sessions to work with the students discussing the business product challenge that each company has given the students to solve.  Camp BizSmart students will create  a portable, alternative energy charging product to power the bike when on the go. Both the Revolights and Vintage Electric Bikes business product case is provided to all registered students prior to Camp BizSmart.

Andrew Davidge, in red shirt with company team.

Andrew Davidge, in red shirt with company team.

Camp BizSmart provides young people the skills to prepare them for the jobs of the future, where they will work in companies no one knows the name of creating products no one has thought of yet and perhaps living in a place that they had not imagined.

Dr. Gibbs says, “We want students to be energized by challenges and meet them head on with zest, optimism and grit.”

This summer 2014 Camp BizSmart will operate four, ten day sessions for aspiring entrepreneurs age 11 to 15 years of age at premiere executive conference facilities at prestigious locations. 

Not yet signed up and wish you were attending?  If you act quickly, Camp BizSmart still has spaces available for you to attend at the June 16-27 session in San Mateo located at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

For the third year Camp BizSmart offers their business academy at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s (SVCF) conference center in San Mateo.  For those who are not familiar with the SVCF, it is one of the most respected and influential community foundations in the US.  The entrepreneurs and business people who have placed their funds with SVCF are a veritable who’s who of the most visionary and innovative in the world.  Therefore, it is very fitting that Camp BizSmart would operate one of its 10 day sessions at their executive conference facility located conveniently on El Camino Real just off of Hwy 92.

Camp BizSmart Founder and CEO, Dr. Mike Gibbs will kick-off and lead the executive faculty at the San Mateo site. Dr. Mike, as the student’s call him, has personally written the curriculum and trained the staff that work with the students at all of the Camp BizSmart sessions.  Please see our website or call Dr. Mike for further details and don’t delay as camp sessions begin on June 16, 2014. 800.475.0869,

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