Camp BizSmart Teens Honored at Keiretsu Angel Capital Expo at Microsoft during Global Entrepreneurship Week

The youngest entrepreneurs in the room on November 21, 2013 were teenagers who had taken top honors at the Camp BizSmart 2013 product design and business plan competition.  Their reward was to attend the Keiretsu Forum‘s Angel Capital Expo  – a priceless day of inspiration, observation and networking with a who’s who of leading innovators and angel investors.  The icing on the cake for this team was to interact with Keiretsu Founder and CEO, Randy Williams and Sonja Markova, Managing Director on stage who is an advisor to Camp BizSmart.

Sonja introduced Peggy Gibbs, COO, cofounder of Camp BizSmart.  Peggy noted the importance of honoring the mentors and advisors who help Camp BizSmart inspire young entrepreneurs.  While all mentors, advisors and strategic partners are important, this was a special opportunity to publicly thank Sonja and Randy with the Keiretsu Forum along with Dan’l Lewin of Microsoft for being the first to lend their support to Camp BizSmart in our launch year of 2008.   In addition, it was special to note that the event was taking place at Microsoft where Camp BizSmart business plan competitions are held.

Peggy invited the Camp BizSmart 2013 Top Team sponsored by hot Silicon Valley Company, mOasis to take the stage.  Each year, Camp BizSmart identifies and recruits two cutting edge, in the news companies to provide cool, unique and challenging real world business cases.  The student teams take on executive roles and collaborate to solve, support and defend in competition at Microsoft, their product designs and business plans.  The winning mOasis team was mentored by Chief Executive Officer Marty Reed.  Camp BizSmart operates multiple sessions throughout the summer months at premiere locations such as Stanford University.

This winning team was judged to have the best innovative product solution out of 24 teams.  Students on the team were: Shivanee Arun, Chief Marketing Officer; Steve Jiang, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Financial Officer;  Nisha Khater, Voice of the Customer; Ian Tseng, Chief Sales Officer; Shiv van de Ven, Chief Executive Officer;  and Jonathan Vazquez, Chief Innovation Officer.  Nisha Khater traveled from her home in Bangledesh to attend this special event.  Shiv van de Ven, who lives in Mumbai, was unable to be present as he was participating on a debate team in Singapore. I mention these details only to note that Camp BizSmart students come from all over the Bay Area, across the United States and the World.

Team Sprell shares what they learned at Camp BizSmart.

Pictured above: Randy Williams and Sonja Markova of Keiretsu with Camp BizSmart Top Team for 2013 – mOasis, Sprell, Jonathan Vazquez, speaking, Shivanee Arun, Nisha Khater, Steve Jiang and Ian Tseng of share lessons learned at Camp BizSmart.


The “tweenpreneurs” had the tremendous opportunity to spend the day visiting with real world entrepreneurs who put it on the line everyday with grit, courage and determination.

Sonja Markova, Keiretsu Managing Director and Camp BizSmart Advisor, presents the Certificates to the 2013 Grand Finale Top Team

Sonja Markova, Keiretsu Managing Director and Camp BizSmart Advisor, presents the Certificates to the Camp BizSmart 2013 Grand Finale Top Team


Students received certificates honoring their achievements and the occasion. We congratulate the Sprell mOasis team and will continue to encourage them onward. Camp BizSmart alums continue to solve problems that they have identified and we should all look forward to their future achievements.

Keiretsu Forum Nov 21 2013 - Sprell winning team - Shivanee Arun

Shivanee Arun, Chief Marketing Officer, Sprell mOasis, displaying the award the students received onstage.

Sprell team at booth Nov 21 2013 with staff

Student Sprell team pictured above with Camp BizSmart Staff: Geeta Ajmera, Dir. Student Admissions, Peggy Gibbs, COO, Cofounder and Abhinav Dev, Camp Director.

Visit the Camp BizSmart website for information on 2014 Camp BizSmart sessions and how to apply.
Interested in being considered for a business case or being a mentor?  Contact Peggy Gibbs at or call 408.395.1937




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