Piggybackr Camp BizSmart Contest Announces Winners



The first Piggybackr and Camp BizSmart crowdfunding contest for our alumni has just concluded.  We had 9 projects sign up for this first time limited contest with 3 teams really making it a horse race to the finish line.    Camp BizSmart has made it possible for the team that raised the most money during this contest to  meet with a VC and also receive up to $250.00.towards matching a donors’ gift to be used for their cause.  The team that was able to claim this prize was Treasures 4 Teens – led by Michael Daboll a Camp BizSmart alum who raised a total of $3,484.00  and 180 earned effort points in the process.

didcgo5zcwrebks8wtwh - Treasures for Teens

In addition to Treasures 4 Teens, another team, JewelRead led by Jennifer Veis and made up of a 2013 Camp BizSmart winning team of Silicon Valley and International students, showed they had real marketing, networking ability coming in with $2,875.00 dollars raised and an impressive 734 effort points. Camp BizSmart was pleased to provide $200.00 as a special award to support their JewelRead efforts in recognition of their tremendous team collaboration and persistence which are valued skills at Camp BizSmart.

bivsn73cv1rrro6kpi92 - JewelRead

In third place was Blue Amber Films, created by Camp BizSmart Alum, Christian Gutierrez.  While just beginning on the launch of his film company, we expect to hear great things from him in the future. Christian demonstrated a keen skill of marketing and effort, though was unable to raise  funds to launch his company during the contest deadline that was required

All of these 3 student projects posted on piggybackr represent different ways that Camp Bizsmart alumni are continuing to find ways to follow their passions and make a difference.  All of them will continue to work on their projects, nonprofits and companies to grow their impact.  We congratulate them all as well as all of the other students who signed up for the contest.  Dr. Mike Gibbs stated, ” We are pleased to have formed this partnership with Andrea Lo, founder of piggybackr.com that made it possible for our alumni to post their projects to gain support.”  ” We look forward to the next wave of projects and ideas that our Camp BizSmart alumni will post on piggybackr” says Peggy Gibbs, cofounder of Camp BizSmart with Dr. Mike Gibbs.

Camp BizSmart, is the business and entrepreneur academy that inspires young entrepreneurs, encourages all Camp BizSmart Alumni to continue their journey as an aspiring entrepreneur!  We partnered with our friends at Piggybackr.com (the crowdfunding site for budding entrepreneurs and leaders like yourselves) to help our students and their friends get the funding you need to support your ideas and projects.    Watch for future opportunities for our Camp BizSmart alumni to make a difference posting their ideas, projects, product innovations and more, on piggybackr.com


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