Forbes Covers Ekso Bionics Latest Venture: Workers With Superhuman Power

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Today, Nate Hindman and Joe Epstein wrote a guest post for Forbes titled, Industrial Iron Man:Ekso Aims To Power Superhuman Workers.

Their post starts with a quote from Max-Scheder-Bieshin, CFO of Ekso Bionics who says: “We want to create Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit.”  You can read the full article here:

Ekso bionics is one of Camp BizSmart company business case sponsors for 2013.  At Camp BizSmart, students have the opportunity to work in teams to compete to create the best business product solution to meet product requirements they are given by company business case sponsors.  They are inspired by great award winning companies such as Ekso Bionics who has already proven their effectiveness in creating an eksoskeleton for individuals with spinal cord injury and stroke patients that allows them to walk again. To see some of the ways that Ekso Bionics is aiding stroke patients please read:

Ekso Bionics had worked with Lockheed Martin collaborating on suits for the military called the HULC, which allows soldiers to carry up to 200 pounds of equipment successfully over difficult terrain.   Announced this month, the latest co-licensing deal with Lockheed Martin allows Ekso to pursue Research and Development for industrial use and enter the race to create eksosketeltons for the able bodied which is an emerging market.

The students at Camp BizSmart this summer are working to create their versions of how eksoskeletons might  provide added strength and endurance to the able bodied and make common body injuries that can occur from lifting heavy objects a thing of the past.  Camp BizSmart works with companies on futuristic product solutions to provide students an opportunity to imagine what might be possible as well as to learn the basics of business and what it takes to create a new product. Students compete in a business plan and product design challenge at Microsoft in Silicon Valley, pitching their ideas to a panel of investors to get valuable feedback and vie for the top team of 2013 designation.  Students learn creative brainstorming, problem solving, critical thinking, finance, product design, sales, marketing and presentation skills as well as leadership and team collaboration. Working with expert mentors they gain valuable insight and inspiration from successful entrepreneurs that not only help them in during the Camp BizSmart academy, the skills they gain can be applied to future efforts as well.

Camp BizSmart operates a 10 day business and entrepreneur academy for students 11-15 years of age at premiere locations such as Stanford University in the heart of Silicon Valley.  Young people from the region, all over the US and around the world attend. Student teams present their product solution at the business plan and design challenge at Microsoft, Silicon Valley.  The top team for 2013 will present their product solution at the Keiretsu Forum Angel Capital Expo in San Francisco in November, 2013.

Hats off to Ekso Bionics, a great company creating amazing life changing products and inspiring young aspiring entrepreneurs as well!  Camp BizSmart is proud to work with such great executives doing such important work.


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