mOasis team Floasis takes Camp BizSmart 1st place at the San Mateo Session

Congratulations to mOasis team “Floasis”, who took first place at the Camp BizSmart business plan competition held on June 27, 2013 at Microsoft‘s Moffett Towers Conference Center in Sunnyvale, CA.  Judges Harry Motro and Paul Witkay are pictured with the team along with Marty Reed, CEO of mOasis, and principal with Roda Group.  Young entrepreneurs on the Floasis team pictured above are: CEO, Derek Kinsella; CFO, Caty Neubrand; CTO, Shiel Bausroy; CIO, Baylor Pillow; CMO, Alisha Singh; and CSO, Ryan Phang.

This first place team from the Camp BizSmart 1st summer session, held at the Silicon Valley Community Foundations’ San Mateo Conference Center June 17-28, will compete against the 1st place team from the 2nd session ( July 8-19 held at Stanford) and the final 3rd session ( July 29-Aug 9 held at Stanford).  The team named the top team for 2013 will be honored at the Keiretsu Forum’s Angel Capital Expo in San Francisco in November.

Also recognized was Alisha Singh, who was awarded the Benjamin Franklin Award for being the student who demonstrated the most zest, optimism and grit which are success factors for being a successful entrepreneur. Congratulations Alisha!

Alisha Singh Ben Franklin ZOG Award June 8-19 Camp BizSmart

Student team members take on executive roles and work for 8 days to create a business product solution to the business challenge that they are given by company executives. This year’s company challenge sponsors are: mOasis, represented by Marty Reed, and Ekso Bionics,  represented by Brendan St. John.  On the 9th day they present their product solution to a panel of judges at Microsoft who review their business plan, their design and after listening to the team presentation, ask them questions and provide feedback. This Camp BizSmart session was led by Crystal Chang, Camp Director, with very able staff, Abhinav Dev, Geeta Ajmera, Micah Klaeser, Will Jeffery, Maria Farley, Shilpa Matthew, and with specially selected high achieving Camp BizSmart Alumni, Sandra Herchen and Michaela Kastelman and Annalise Stevenson. Successful entrepreneurs who are topic experts come to share their wisdom throughout the 10 day business and entrepreneur academy.

WAGIC, an industrial design firm, brings a team of designers to sit with and listen each student team describe how their product solution will work, what it does for the customer and what it is made out of.  WAGIC designers take this information, along with the drawings and sketches the students have done and create a first draft product rendering to capture the essence of what the students had in mind.  Then, just like in the real world working with companies who are designing products, WAGIC has a second design meeting with the student teams to go over the product design draft to see if they were able to capture what the students had in mind.  And, just as in any design phase after seeing their ideas come to life, adjustments and fine tuning is done to further refine how best to showcase the value of the product to the customer the team is targeting.

Hats off to our Company Business Case Sponsors – Ekso Bionics and mOasis, and especially a shout out to Brendan St. John and Marty Reed  for providing the real world product challenge inspiration and requirements while in person meeting with the students, just as they would an executive team in their company, and to WAGIC and in particular, great appreciation to Ken Johnson, VP of Ideas, and his stellar design team, led by Adrian Gutierrez, with Matt Holman, Suzie Oh, John Tran and Lawrence Cruz, who provide the students the real life experience of what it is like to work with an industrial design team to bring your ideas to life! Priceless!

This Thursday, July 18, 7 more teams who have been hard at work in the Camp BizSmart entrepreneur academy at Stanford University, will compete in the second session of the business plan and design challenge competition at Microsoft.  The 1st place winner from this upcoming competition will be named in a future blog.

Then, because the competition is still ongoing and there is a final Camp BizSmart session with all new students beginning on July 29 – Aug 9, 2013 at Stanford, the full product designs, solutions and descriptions will not be made public until after the final competition is concluded.  Camp BizSmart is a 10 day intense but fun, real world, hands on, youth entrepreneurship academy designed to inspire our youth to dream big and gain the skills necessary to be successful in this fast paced, ever-changing, global marketplace.  So stay tuned!




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