Camp BizSmart Announces Top Teams for 2012 Biz Plan Competition

The final results are now in – the judges and our company sponsors have reviewed the 4 business plan competitions’ first place winners and have made a decision. Camp BizSmart ran 2 sessions at Stanford University, 1 session at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation Conference Center in San Mateo, and 1 at the Punahou School in Hawaii. There were two business cases from two companies, d.light design sponsored by Founder Ned Tozun and Hydrovolts sponsored by founder, CEO Burt Hamner, that student teams chose from and ultimately created their best effort for an innovative and compelling business product solution that addressed the business case requirements. But before we name the top team let’s review the criteria that was used to select the top winner for 2012:

Did they include the Elevator Pitch, Business Problem, Business Solution, Customer Profile, Value Proposition, Competition, Market Plan, Team and Financials?

Did they organize the information in both the business plan and business plan competition presentation so that the reader or judges/investors find it easy and makes sense?

Did they convince the judges and most importantly the company business problem sponsor that they have a good idea and there is a good reason to follow up with them?

The top 4 teams, from the 4 business plan competitions, vying to be named the top 2012 team were carefully reviewed using this criteria and the top 3 are listed in order below:

2012 Top Grand Finale Team: Hydrovolts team 5 – “Ebb and Flow”, won first place at the Camp BizSmart Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Conference Center San Mateo, July 9-20, 2012 session, and also had their business plan competition held at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation Conference Center, San Mateo. HydroVolts 5, Ebb and Flow Team members are: CEO – Jackson Barrett, CIO – Valerie Woo, CMO – Emit Tactac, CTO – Rene Siakkasone, and CSO – Karla Jurado. Congratulations to each of you! The grand finale prize is to be honored guests at the Keiretsu Angel Capital Expo on November 20, 2012 at Microsoft SV, in Mountain View, CA. and to be honored on stage at this event.

Camp BizSmart’s Top Team for 2012 is HydroVolts team 5 – Ebb and Flow

What the judges and company sponsor said:

This team ranked the top in all categories with the most complete, organized, best presentation of a business plan and had an excellent presentation deck and product design that when taken all together was also deemed to be the most persuasive.

Hydrovolts team 5 CEO Jackson Barrett points out features of the product design during the business plan competition.

Valerie Woo, Chief Innovation Officer for Team Hydrovolts 5, created the ingenious prototype to demonstrate how their turbine would work and look which impressed judge Bill Reichert.

For those other teams who were in contention for the top team grand finale award, we know you want to know who came in 2nd and 3rd at least – so here they are as well.

2nd place grand finale ranking in 2012 is:

HydroVolts team 8 – “HydroSustain”, won 1st place at the Camp BizSmart Stanford University July 23-Aug 3 session held at the Alumni Center, which had the business plan competition held at Microsoft Corporation, Mountain View. Hydrovolts Team 8 HydroSustain members are: CEO – Luke Kenworthy, CIO/CTO – Marcus Adolf, CFO – Madelyn Whittaker, CMO – Meagan Benensohn, CSO – Daniel Wang.

Hydrovolts Team 8 – Hydrosustain – 2nd place finale winner for 2012

3rd place grand finale ranking in 2012 is:

HydroVolts team 3 – won first place at the Camp BizSmart Stanford University June 18-29, 2012 session held at the Landau Center, which had the business plan competition held at Microsoft Corporation, Mountain View. Hydrovolts Team 3 members are: CEO – Dheer Bhatt, CFO – Nikita Takru, CTO/CIO – Alex Fine, CSO – Alexis Gauba, CMO – Kim Do.

Hydrovolts Team 3 – 3rd place grand finale winner for 2012

This year we had fierce competition and the students’ really gave it their all! Congratulations to the top 3 teams for 2012 and especially to the Grand Finale 1st place winner – Ebb and Flow Hydrovolts Team 5! A very special thank you to the business sponsors – Burt Hamner of Hydrovolts and Ned Tozun of d.light designs. You guys were inspirational, and challenged the students to create products that would have great value in the world and they did!

A special thanks to all of the judges, and entrepreneurs who inspired our students with your wisdom and expertise: Jim Sweeney, Bill Reichert, Dr. Cristina Banks, Paul Witkay, Maigread Eichten, Mythili Sankaran, Bret Cameto, Don Sanders, Dhaval Ajmera, Bob Fullerton, Sharran Deora, Kevin Surace, Ken Johnson, and Shamini Dhana. Our stellar staff provided great mentoring to the students as they practiced and gained essential skills. Thanks to Microsoft, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Punahou School and a special shout out to James Sweeney of the Precourt Energy Center for sponsoring Camp BizSmart so that we can use the Stanford University Alumni Center and Landau Center for partnering with us so we were able to use your great facilities! Finally, thank you to the Keiretsu Forum for partnering with Camp BizSmart to make entrepreneurial education available to our students. We can’t wait to have our 2012 grand finale team attend the Keiretsu Angel Capital Expo on November 20th!

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