Meet the Next Generation of Successful Entrepreneurs – Camp BizSmart’s 2011 Top Team

A global leader in business and entrepreneur skill development for students11-15, Camp BizSmart inspires and nurtures the next generation of successful entrepreneurs who will lead a changing world. During Summer 2011, more than 200 students at 3 locations, Santa Clara University, Stanford University in Silicon Valley, CA and Punahou School in Honolulu Hawaii, competed to earn the title of top team for 2011. Student teams were given business problems to solve, support and defend provided by senior executives from company sponsors, NeuroSky and ZeroMotorcycles.

Capturing the prestigious top team ranking for Camp BizSmart 2011: NeuroSky Team 5 at Stanford, made up of six members, Shannon Hong, CEO, Quentin Delepine, CTO, Joseph Krackeler, CFO, Karen Tu, CMO, Tony Sun, CSO, and Annie Zhou, CIO (pictured below with NeuroSky execs), who participated in the Camp BizSmart session at Stanford University and the business plan competition that was judged by an esteemed panel of judges made up of angel investors and venture capitalists.


The business plan competitions for Silicon Valley sessions were held at Microsoft Corporate Executive Conference Center, in Mountain View and the Hawaii competition was held at Punahou School. First place teams were named at each of the three locations and then competed for the judges’ ranking of top team for 2011.

The student’s winning product concept innovation, NeuroSport, integrates the best of NeuroSky’s brainwave computer interface technology into a convertible beanie/sweatband, which detects brainwaves using a new an affordable conductive fabric and BCI technology. The information is then transferred into a state of the art watch which will immediately display one’s level of relaxation, attention, and heart rate. This product is aimed towards helping athletes achieve proficiency and consistency to attain peak performance using feedback provided by their device.

Our judges came together and praised the finalists in defining the target market and working together as a strong team. Lead judge Maigread Eichten, former CEO of FRS, explains that winning team N5 set themselves apart by differentiating their product for their target consumer. She adds, “the real impressive piece was the product roadmap with new product features across a timeline. This is how a real company needs to think to engage an investor and capture a consumer’s mindset.”

Watch for the announcement of the special recognition this team will receive at a prestigious, upcoming premiere event this November in an upcoming post. Congratulations N5!

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