Tweenpreneurs one step closer to YouTube stardom

Update: All team videos are up on YouTube! Check out Soccertes and Mindbeat!

Camp BizSmart students sure know how to keep themselves busy! We’ve been receiving updates on all fronts: school, sports, community service, music and arts, and of course, personal business ventures, since our 2011 camps have ended. However, just because summer is over doesn’t mean the learning, ideas and fun have been left behind.

NeuroSky, one of our amazing 2011 company sponsors, has generously donated time towards taking student team concepts from the boardroom to the public. Each NeuroSky team CEO was invited to film a 1-minute pitch of their idea, also showcasing their WAGIC rendering. These pitches are now up on NeuroSky and Camp BizSmart YouTube channels, and the forum is open for your feedback.

You can now join in the learning! Let these teams know what you love best about their idea, or perhaps questions you have on any features or go-to-market plans. Watch, enjoy, be inspired, and don’t forget to leave your own thoughts and comments!

A huge shout out to our supporters over at NeuroSky. Thank you especially to David Westendorf, VP of Marketing and Business Development (pictured below, speaking @ Stanford CBS 2011), for working so closely with us to provide wonderful learning opportunities for our students.


A big thank you to Tansy Brook, Head of Communications, for dedicating so much time to organizing this project. Also thanks to Xavier, for your help with filming!


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