Lunch break at NeuroSky

Camp BizSmart Stanford’s winning team, N5, took time out of their school day last Thursday to present their winning plan at NeuroSky’s weekly lunch meeting. As an unexpected bonus, David Westendorf, VP of Marketing, gave the team and parents a tour of the office and various NeuroSky products, and even a glimpse of the latest product in development (don’t worry, we won’t spill corporate secrets here)!


A winning team, from left to right : Joseph Krackeler, CFO (“finances are not a laughing matter”); Tony Sun, CSO and Karen Tu, CMO (“being outgoing is in our job descriptions”); Quentin Delepine, CTO (“our specs are so good, just you wait”); Annie Zhou, CIO (“they will listen to every last detail I have to give”); Shannon Hong, CEO (“so a procrastinating team CAN win after all”).

To Shannon, we wish we could tell you it gets better with age.

Camp BizSmart students were challenged to use NeuroSky’s Brain Computer Interface technology to create a product that would enhance an athlete’s concentration and performance. The team came up with a convertible beanie / sweatband that would measure focus and transmit data wirelessly to an accompanying watch. Check out the watch in the WAGIC rendering below – cool colors and features!


If you aren’t keen on watches (but with something that looks this good, why wouldn’t you be), the team has also created an iPhone app that also displays data.


Stanley Yang, CEO of NeuroSky, encouraged students to keep their minds open to new ideas, as boundary-less as a 4-year-old’s imagination.


David Westendorf (far right) applauded the team for choosing Camp BizSmart, which “coaches [them] for life.” We love that phrase! He’s certainly VP of Marketing for a reason! Thank you NeuroSky and especially to David, for being an amazing partner and working with us to make all of these opportunities available each step of the way!

NeuroSky makes brainwave sensors for every body.

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