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Celebrating Hara and Camp BizSmart Tweenpreneurs of the Year.

Pictured from left to right: Hara co-founder and CTO, Udo Waibel, with Camp BizSmart Tweenpreneurs of the Year – Gloria Liou, Maggie Sun, Jeremy Veis, Dylan Patel, Greg Hosono, Deven Panchal, and Hara CEO and co-founder, Amit Chatterjee.

Great companies inspire great ideas – especially when they care about inspiring the next generation of young entrepreneurs! Hara sponsored one of the business problems for student teams to solve at this year’s Camp BizSmart 2010 business plan competition. The task, create an iPad app that will help companies reduce their resource use to save them money and be energy efficient.


The Hara 2 team from the Santa Clara University session of Camp BizSmart, won the final competition being named “Camp BizSmart 2010, Tweenpreneurs of the Year”. They competed for this honor with 3 separate sessions of students who attended Camp BizSmart at Stanford University, a combined session at Punahou and Iolani Schools in Oahu, and Santa Clara University.

Students’ presented their business solution to a panel of executives and angel funders. The Hara 2 team competition was held at Microsoft in their executive conference center.

Biz Plan Competition at Microsoft

One of the rewards of winning the competition, is the honor of being invited to the company that sponsored the business problem, to present and discuss the team’s business solution with the executive team.

On Sept. 2, 2010, co-founders, Amit Chatterjee and Udo Waibel, with other members of the executive team listened to the student’s and then discussed their solution and brainstormed possible next steps necessary to move towards execution of their idea.

In addition to their original pitch used in the business plan competition, the students’ also prepared a sample pitch to demonstrate how they would propose taking their Hara iPad app to one of Hara’s clients, and used Safeway as their example.

Maggie Sun and Greg Hosono propose the next step

Representatives from a client company of Hara were also present and provided valuable feedback, saying that they felt it was a viable product that would be interesting to develop further.

Udo Waibel, CTO, offers valuable feedback

Following the presentation and formal feedback, several members engaged in a lively conversation about business with CEO Amit Chatterjee over pizza and Udo Waibel, CTO and Katherine Brittain, who worked with the students during Camp BizSmart, joined in providing their thoughts as well.

Talking business over pizza – what could be better!

During Camp BizSmart, the student’s product designs are brought to life by industrial design company, WAGIC, who sits with the teams and listens to their ideas, sees their drawings and takes extensive notes about what they student’s have created in both rough sketches and in their mind’s eye.


Working from their meeting with the students, their drawings and notes, the WAGIC designers create a rendering of their product that the students use to illustrate their solution in the business plan competition. As a thank you, a copy of the WAGIC rendering was given to Hara with the signatures of the student team and founders of Camp BizSmart.


Thank you to Hara for inspiring Camp BizSmart young entrepreneurs! We look forward to seeing how this team continues to grow in skills and create innovations that will tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges!



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Maggie Sun and Gloria Liou – Two of the Camp BizSmart Tweenpreneurs of the Year!

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