Design wizards bring great ideas to life at WAGIC!

Imagine this… you have a vivid dream about a new invention that will solve a problem you have been working on. This invention will help many people. Then you wake up, and if only you could capture exactly how it looked in your minds’ eye, and the cool functions you imagined.

Well, what if you could do a rough sketch of your idea and write down to the best of your ability the features and the benefits to the customer? Now, if only you had someone who could take these sketches and descriptions and with input from you – bring your idea to life in a beautiful rendering.


That’s exactly what the great industrial designers at WAGIC do when they sit with our student teams at Camp BizSmart. The students have already received the business problem that they are to solve directly from the executive of leading companies. The students are in fact operating as if they were a project team in the company coming up with a solution with an objective, outcomes and measurements and boundaries like budget and time to market. Now working with the WAGIC team they hone their ideas and bring it to life. Now the WAGIC guys are pretty impressive not just because they do great design work, but because they also do special effects business for movies and the students are impressed to know they have worked on Transformers, Iron Man and many others.

Ken and Ron Johnson the brothers at the helm of WAGIC have created a magical design company that helps solve real problems by making sure companies and our students are able to illustrate what they are thinking so others can see it clearly too and get as excited about it as they are when they see it in their “minds’ eye”.

Ken Johnson, VP of Innovation, WAGIC

Ron Johnson, CEO WAGIC sketches a concept

This year, the WAGIC designers, Cassie, Anders. Valerie and Steve came to listen to the students and capture their ideas to be brought to life and then returned for the students’ review and approval. Just like when working with any company the industrial designers asked “did we capture your ideas as you imagined?” They work with our students at all of our sessions, Stanford Univ., Oahu and Santa Clara Unv.

Anders asking for clarification

Valerie with Turman Leung capturing design ideas

Steve gathers design specs

Cassie and Steve in front with Anders in the back work with teams

This year, Bob Johnson, father of Ron and Ken Johnson and part of the team at WAGIC passed away. Bob was a great mentor to many people and set an example of what if means to give back by being there for others who need some coaching to get to the next level. The family and many of the folks who were touched by Bob’s generous giving spirit, decided to create a scholarship fund that would allow young entrepreneurs the opportunity to have assistance if needed to attend Camp BizSmart.

This year, 6 students were able to attend Camp BizSmart helped by partial scholarships that were made possible by many who wanted to honor Bob and his legacy of mentoring others. Now, his mentoring continues as others take up his role and mentor students who come to Camp BizSmart. Now, students who are passionate about learning to be an entrepreneur but have limited means will have an opportunity due to the generosity of many. If you would like to contribute to the Bob Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund, send us a note at Camp BizSmart, Bob Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box 33271, Los Gatos, CA 95030 and pass it on! Camp BizSmart is a non-profit social enterprise organization.

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