Camp BizSmart 2010, Biz Plan Competition – Game On!

Stanford session announces 1st place winner – two more sessions to go before grand finale round.

The competition for top student team of Camp BizSmart 2010 is definitely on! Each year we say the business solutions the student teams come up with are amazing. And this year, looking at the first round from teams competing at our Stanford session – every team brought it! But who won this first round?

HopeLab Team 1 – Stanford session, was awarded first place for the best business plan and presentation by the esteemed panel of judges. HopeLab Team 1 -Stanford, was lead by student CEO, Tony Klachin, with CTO, Shaurey Vetsa, CMO, James Otani, CIO, Mohnish Shah, CFO, Ashley Pak, CMFO Grant Narasin and CSO, Nick LaBruna. The team created a winning solution using the HopeLab Zamzee device, to encourage tweens to be active.

Club One Fitness Team 2 – Stanford session

The second place team, named “the most innovative marketing idea” was the Club One Fitness Team 2. Student team members are: CEO, Claire Wang, CTO, Chirag Toprani, CSO, Gabriel Cao, CMO, Jessica Xu, CIO, Valentine Nguyen and CFO, Truman Leung. This team came up with a winning marketing idea to encourage healthy habits in tweens.

In addition individual awards were captured by: Tony Klachin (Stanford Camp 1), and Gabriel Cao (Stanford Camp 2), named “most likely to be the next Steve Jobs” and Sammer Vij (Stanford Camp1) and Karen Sung (Stanford Camp 2), named “most inspirational leader and entrepreneur”. All of our students worked hard but these students set themselves apart by displaying heightened persistence, innovation, critical thinking and problem solving while inspiring their teams and other students.

That’s all we can report for now because the competition is still going on, with additional teams working on their solutions for these business problems as well as ones from other companies. Student Teams actual solutions won’t be made public until the competition finale. So continue to watch our blog for the latest update.

Judges panel – Stanford Camp BizSmart session

Judges for the Camp BizSmart Stanford session July 16, 2010, held at Microsoft’s Executive Conference Center were: David Dembitz, lead judge, Lata Krishnan, Bill Reichert, Manish Chandra, Chris Law, Harry Motro and George Chao.

Camp BizSmart 2010 will have 1st place winners named at each of its three locations holding 10 day Camp BizSmart programs: Camp BizSmart at Stanford University, July 6-17 (which just concluded), Camp BizSmart Oahu shared by Iolani and Punahou schools, July 26-Aug 6, and Camp BizSmart at Santa Clara University, Aug 2-13,2010.

Camp BizSmart operates a 10 day, business academy where students work hands-on to gain 21st Century business and entrepreneurial skills. Student teams are given a real world business problem to solve from company executives. Every company that provides a business problem has an executive come to Camp BizSmart to discuss the objective and desired outcome just as if they were a project team within the company. Student teams work to solve, support and defend their solution to a panel of judges to compete for the 2010 best team business solution.

Special thanks to our Camp BizSmart Stanford session angels:

James Sweeney, Dir. of the Precourt Energy Center at Stanford University. Business problem sponsors – Hara, Tigo, HopeLab and Club One Fitness. Business Plan Stanford Competition host: Microsoft. Our fantastic and inspiring entrepreneurs: Howard Charney, Sr. VP Cisco, Kevin Surace, CEO, Serious Materials, Maigread Eichten, CEO, Eichten Consulting, James Bickford,Tigo Energy and Chris Horgan, Pinnacle Partners and Ron Hazelton, iBuild2. The WAGIC crew of Anders, Cassie, Valerie and Steve, lead by Ron Johnson,and the esteemed judges panel listed above. The students, faculty and staff of Camp BizSmart thank you for sharing your wisdom, experience and inspiration!

So game on! The best from each of the three sessions: Stanford, Oahu and Santa Clara University will compete for the honor of being named the best of the best for Camp BizSmart 2010. Stay tuned for the next 1st and 2nd place winners to be announced from each site as they conclude. The Camp BizSmart 2010 grand finale 1st place team and 2nd place marketing idea will be fiercely competitive and the excitement will continue to build until they are named. No matter who wins the final competition – we all win because these bright students are sure to create priceless value for their communities and the world! I can’t think of anything we need more when you consider all the problems in the world that need to be solved!

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