Camp BizSmart FRS Team # 1 Presents to CEO

On Tuesday October 20th, FRS Team # 1 led by team CEO, Sarina Vij wowed the FRS executive team at their Redwood City headquarters.

FRS Executives Maigread Eichten & Jim Taschetta

The smiling faces in the picture below, left to right are: Piyush Prasad, Godwin Vincent, FRS Chief Marketing Officer Jim Taschetta, Monica Thukral, Team CEO Sarina Vij, FRS CEO Maigread Eichten and Julie Phillips. Not shown is FRS team member Felipe Braun who was unable to attend.

FRS Team # 1 with CEO

FRS CEO Maigread told the team that their presentation beat the work done by a University MBA team. She and Jim said the Camp BizSmart students, who won the “Best Go-To-Market” plan, had great financials, a brilliant marketing concept and a very well delivered presenatation.

FRS executives were enthusiastic about the new and innovative can design for the teen market. CEO Eichten commented that based on the Camp BizSmart FRS team’s business plan, it might be a good thing to review a possible entry into the teen market. They quizzed the kids on the cost of the new can design, and learned from Ken Johnson, VP for Ideas at innovation company WAGIC, that the additional cost to produce a can with a heat sensitive design was less than two cents.

The students loaded up on FRS chews and drinks, tee shirts and ball caps, compliments of FRS.

Thanks to FRS for being a thoughtful and dedicated Camp BizSmart team project sponsor. FRS Team # 1 led by Sarina Vij did a terrific job!! Way to go!

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