Seven Skills For 21st Century Competitiveness #1

After hundreds of interviews with world class companies and top notch entrepreneurs, the founders of Camp BizSmart have isolated seven 21st century skills necessary to survive in this fast, flat, global economic climate. We are beginning a series of blogs featuring the seven skills, and some examples from established business leaders who generously shared their personal experiences with Camp BizSmart.

Skill #1: Real time problem solving, creativity and critical thinking

Analytical and innovative thinking skills are widely recognized as the great divider separating high performance leaders from run of the mill followers. Terrific problem solvers like Apple founder, Steve Jobs, are not afraid to take calculated risks, ask “why not”, demand constructive criticism, and “think ouside the box” to stay ahead of the competition.

Sun Microsystems co-founder and Chairman, Scott McNealy gave the founders of Camp BizSmart the following “lesson from experience” for our upcoming book: Tips For Success. Sage Advice form Proven Business Leaders:

“Be Controversial – if you have an idea that everyone agrees with, chances are someone else is already doing it. The real trick is, once you have a controversial strategy, be sure it’s correct.”

Camp BizSmart exists to help transfer lessons of success to the next generation.